You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


5. Maybe Tommorow....

I went outside with Christine to see the last couple of scenes being filmed .The cool air hit me in the face , blowing back strands from my dark brown hair. The orange haze from the sky was gone. Now darkness had taken its place , together with little yellow dots lined up on the sky . When I was younger I always used to say that stars were actually fireflies stuck in the dark sky , thinking they had like a switch , turning off in the sunlight .
My eyes were searching for Harry , when I saw him getting in the Ferris Wheel with a girl . I was positive that she was there for the music video though I didn’t see her standing with the other teenagers earlier. From what I could see , she had dirty blonde hair , her face had pretty features , but she seemed to be older than the others . Maybe 19 or 20.
The Wheel started to move rather lazy , the slow rhythm matching with the one of the song . As minutes passed and they were now on top of The Wheel , having a perfect view over the sea of people watching them , Harry slowly turned a little , now facing the girl . He gently cupped her chin with his long , but delicate fingers , looking into her eyes , singing to her . After a few seconds , his hand moved from her chin to her cheek , to her jaw line , right under the ear .It was a deadly silence which made everything even more awkward . It was like they have all waited for this damn moment. He slowly came closer to her face , their noses slightly brushing , and then it happened . Their kiss . My heartache . All I remember is Christine’s hand gently grabbing mine and her concerned look trying to see my reaction. From that moment I knew I had someone who could understand me .
I wondered how the girl felt about the kiss , about everything that happened . Did she care just a little bit ? Did she enjoy it ? Did she feel any sparkle inside her during the kiss ? I knew I would’ve .
In just a matter of seconds everything was done. Now white powerful lights made the whole scene look like daytime , colorful lights that made everything seem so romantic were fading .
I went with the boys back to the wardrobe , folding their clothes and placing them in a large box , that needed to be taken to the storage, as I see a blonde boy approaching .
“ Oh… I almost forgot . We are having a barbecue tomorrow , and our awesome friend here is invited “ Niall told me with a wide smile . It made me feel special that they cared for me so much , that I was actually a close friend to them .
“ Of course I’ll be there . I’m not going to let you guys celebrate alone “ , I giggled .
“ Ok then . Be there at 1 . My house . The neighbours will go M-A-D . “
“ I’ m sure they will , Niall . Goodnight “ . I said rolling my eyes , letting out a small laugh .
As I was making my way trough the people , caring my large box to the car , I saw Harry talking with the blondie girl . Now that she was closer , I could see her features more clear. The first thing that has drawn my attention were her eyes . Their color was so unusual , it made me think of gunmetal blue , almost ghostish , if that’s even a word . They seemed to be really cold , as if they were revealing some of her personality and maybe that’s why I found them so interesting . She was tall , almost the same height as Harry , gold curls falling down her shoulders like a waterfall , full lips slightly parted as she seemed to listen carefully to what the curly boy with emerald eyes said to her.
My box became suddenly heavier , and my feet were moving in slow motion . Or at least that’s how it seemed to me . I brushed away any negative thought , thinking this will be the last time I’ll see this girl.
When I arrived home , I went to sleep with the thought that maybe , just maybe tomorrow will be a better day .
I promised to Niall that I will be at the barbecue , enjoying some good time with my friends . I started to get ready , putting my dark skinny jeans first and choosing from my closet my favorite shirt along with my black leather jacket . I took my time doing my make-up routine, although I kept it quite simple as I always did , trying to look pretty for someone who didn’t care .
I got the cookies from the kitchen and headed to Niall’s house . As I arrived there , I could hear Niall’s laugh from the front door . The house was large , with a beautiful garden my mother would kill to have. I made my way to the back yard , where I saw a more private seating area , finding everyone there , the lads and their girlfriends . All except for Harry . I greeted them and made my way to the girls who gave me a warm hug . I always thought they were nice , friendly and intelligent . We were in the middle of an intense discussion , when I saw all the boys standing up. I heard a husky male voice that sent a shiver down my spine . I got up and started walking to the tall figure to say “hi” , but I stopped as soon as I saw he wasn’t alone . Hiding behind the dark curls I saw some blonde strains of hair . I instinctively turned around , realising there is no point in doing what I had in mind anymore and sat back down on my chair , hoping no one noticed my awkward reaction.
I was in total shock ,as what happened seconds ago never even crossed my mind it would happen , but I tried my best to remain smiley , not wanting to appear like the third wheel.
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