You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


1. Life Story

My name is Marie . I’m 20 years old .
I currently live in London , sharing a flat with my best friend , Christine .
I have a wonderful life , wonderful friends and a job many would only dream of. I work as a wardrobe stylist for the most famous band at the moment. One Direction.
It all started with my passion for drawing and clothing . Some friends of mine were having relatives who put me in touch with some not so well-known fashion designers . Small , but brilliant . They liked my ideas and my fashion sense and so I started knowing more influential people. It wasn’t much until I started my first day of work for One Direction .
I have sworn to myself that I won’t let anything get in the way of my work and most definitely I will not fall for anyone that will affect my work . But I did . And it wasn’t a nobody … it was one of the lads . The one with a fairly bad reputation . Harry Styles .
*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*
What the heck? What’s that sound ?
*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*
Is that a clock ? But there isn’t one in here . Maybe it’s a bomb .
*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*
I slowly opened my eyes , remaining still for a moment and thinking about my stupidity. A bomb .. Pff. I looked out of curiosity at the clock that scared the hell out of me .
7:45 AM
My eyes suddenly widened as I figured out we were late . And apparently I was right . There was a bomb. Called Paul, who is going to get really mad if we were not on the set today.
In my desperate endeavor to reach Christine’s bedroom to wake her up , I stumbled across a pile of clothes in the middle of my room , nearly falling .
“Christine ?” I whispered to her , hoping she will wake up .”Christine , wake up , we are late. It’s 7:45 .”
As a response , she did nothing but turn around and pull the blanket over her head .
“Fine .” I mumbled.
I knew she was a heavy-sleeper , but today was not the moment . I couldn’t wait another 15 minutes for her to wake up so I looked for the fastest way.
I went straight to the kitchen , looking for the nearest pan and a spoon. I knew this was going to be loud enough for her to get out of bed , but damn , that noise was unbearable. All I could do is hope she will wake up faster so that the cruel noise for my ears would stop .
She started to mumble something and threatened me with her rather small fist .
“God damn it , Marie , are you planning on killing me before my time ? “
“No , but Paul will ! We are late so hurry up .”
I never saw her dressing so quickly but I was satisfied as long as we were there in time .
“Wait ! My coffee . I can’t leave without my coffee .”
“Leave that damn coffee . We’ll get one there . Just take your make-up kit and let’s go .”
*Christine is working with Lou , as a make-up artist for the lads.
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