You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


6. Fake A Smile

“ Hi . I’m Lucy “ she introduced herself before coming and hugging each of us . To be honest , a hug from her was the last thing I wanted . I faked a smile as I tried to make the hug last as little as possible .

Of course she took a seat next to Harry , who was standing right in front of me , only 2 meters away . Even if I wanted to look somewhere else I couldn’t … They were everywhere .
After a while there were already groups formed . Perrie and Zayn were holding hands , El stole a kiss from Louis , Danielle put her head on Liam’s shoulder , Harry and the blondie were talking and then .. there was me and Niall eating some pretzels .

She was just as beautiful as she was yesterday , but something about her made me fell very uncomfortable as if the whole situation wasn’t already like so. I watched her every move as she studied Harry’s face , her eyes stopping on the full lips , absorbing every word he said . She smiled , showing her perfect white teeth and her lips started moving , pointing with her finger on Harry’s chest where two sharp edges of wings were showing . He pulled down the neck of the shirt , making the two swallows visible for her , then she reached a finger and touched the tattoo , action which sent a shiver down my spine.

“Magnificent . Everything I ever wanted “ the little voice in my head ironically whispered.
Then the blondie started talking . “ I heard that this is a barbecue . Aren’t you guys hungry ? “ she asked .
Everybody then started to get plates , forks , glasses and everything that needed and even the blondie helped us . I could see her trying to be nice and friendly . Maybe she wasn’t even that bad after all.

“ Here , let me help you with these . They seem a bit heavy “ I said while offering to take half of the plates she carried .

“ Thanks . Are there enough chairs ? “
“Um … yes . I think we’re ready .” I smiled , in a way excusing myself for my previous thoughts.
It was a pleasant atmosphere . Everyone was having a good time , laughing , cracking a joke once in a while . I realised that this kind of friendships are the ones that last for a long time . This thought made me smile and appreciate the boys even more.

“Is there any juice left ? “ Zayn asked .
“ I’ll go get some “ I offered as I was getting up from my chair , needing to go to the bathroom too.

I got into the house and made my way to the bathroom , when I heard an “ Oh my God “ sound , rather loud . Small and quiet steps took me to the bathroom , from where the sound came . At first I thought that someone might be having sex in there , judging from the noise , but everyone was outside , including Harry . After , I heard something that seemed to be a conversation .

“ Oh my God ! Can you just listen to me for a second ? “ the voice said , sounding like a spoiled teenager , despite her age .
“ I know he’s rich . Why do you think I want to hook up with him ? “ .

I am pretty sure that my mouth was dropped in shock from what I’ve heard . And when I thought I even felt sorry for my previous attitude .

I quickly stepped back from the door , not wanting to hear anything more. Tons of question went through my mind with unimaginable speed , trying to find a reasonable explanation . It is true that Harry wasn’t an angel , but why to look at money when you have such a great person next to you , who can cuddle and give you sweet kisses , making your heart flutter ? I was dying on the inside seeing him with different girl , kissing them like I would like to be kissed by him.
I went to the kitchen to take the juice and went back to the garden .

“ Here you go . There is more in the kitchen if you want “.

As I tried to be discrete , I went behind Harry . Dark curls were tickling my cheek and his perfume invaded my senses as I leaned to whispered in his ear . Although this was the closest I could get to him , just a light touch , a whisper I always ended up being happy , satisfied .

“ Can I talk to you for a second , please ? “

He nodded and got up with a curious look on his face. Trying to get inside , I was pretty sure I heard Louis saying.

” Where did they go ? Are they having a threesome ?” He joked , or maybe not , but everyone was laughing.

I tried to hold back my giggle as this was a very serious situation and I did not know how to start telling him what I’ve heard .
We stopped on a more retreated hallway , his tall figure standing in front of me , unsure of what I wanted to tell him and his beautiful emerald eyes watching mine as I struggled to start somehow.

“Harry “ I started . “ I know your personal life it’s none of my business , but accidentally , when I came in the kitchen , I heard Lucy talking about you on the phone.“
Harry’s eyebrows furrowed , not understanding completely what I was trying so desperately to tell him .

“ What did you hear ? “ he questioned , with a confused look on his face.
It was hard for me to tell him , not because of her , but because I didn’t want to upset him , to ruin his day.

“Things. Bad things “ I almost whispered , as he encouraged me with a look to continue . “ She said she wanted to be with you because you’re rich “ I confessed , looking at the ground. It broke my heart that it was me who had to tell him this . Neither of us deserved it.

“ Go talk to her first . Then .. you will know what to do .“
I tried to walk back outside , not making the situation more uncomfortable than it already was and let him have a talk with her , but he grabbed my arm , quite hard , probably not realising this .

“ Are you sure ? “ he asked me .

There was no need for me to get upset on him for questioning me , concerning the situation.

“Yes , I am sure , Harry . “ I said , looking in those green eyes now full of disappointment .
I returned outside , and the first thing I heard was Louis asking .

“How was it ? “ He asked , wiggling his eyebrows .
I knew that I heard well when I left with Harry , so I just simply answered , an evil smirk appearing on my face.

“ Spicy .”
His face dropped , not knowing what to say next .
“ Uhuuu ! The Sass got owned “ I heard Niall say before he started laughing uncontrollably .
Next thing I remember is Lucy saying she is sorry but has to go . From the way she stormed out I imagined she had told Harry the truth . At least he won’t be lied by some chick , running for his money .

It was pretty late so I just hugged everyone and said “ Goodbye “ , but for some reason , Harry insisted to walk me to the front door .
“ I wanted to thank you for telling me . At least we didn’t go any further with that “ he said with a sad smile .

“ I’m really sorry . And I hate that you had to find out this way “ . I really was sorry . As much as I liked him and as much as I wanted him to be mine , I just wished for him to be happy . Not disappointed like I have been so many times.

“ Goodnight , Marie . Take care “ , he said . He opened his arms and the next second I found myself wrapped in his strong , muscular arms , inhaling his perfume , his toned torso pressed against mine and dark , soft curls tickling my neck .While hugging me , I had this powerful feeling , like I have been swept off my feet just by him simply touching me .

I tried to hold on to the feeling and went to sleep with the beautiful memory .
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