You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


7. Change of plans

A few days have passed since and I haven’t heard anything from the boys . It was Wednesday and I had in mind to spoil myself a little with a spa treatment and some shopping .
I rubbed my eyes as I woke up , a ray of sun entering my room and resting on my face , causing me to blink fast several times , trying to get used to the powerful light.

Lazily, I got out of bed , still not fully awake and trying to regain my balance . The house was empty without Chris , who left earlier that day for some business . We usually would eat cereals for breakfast and discuss our schedule , but as she wasn’t around , I was supposed to be eating alone .

I was standing still in front of the fridge , door open , searching for some food that wasn’t even there .

“Darn ! “ I groaned as I furrowed my eyebrows , closing the door with disappointment .
I dragged myself to the bathroom to take a shower . Small drops of water were running on my bare skin , warm water relaxing me completely , but in the same time managing to freshen up my mind. Then … I heard my phone ringing . I wrapped franticly a towel around me and nearly falling from slipping on the wet floor in my endeavor to reach the phone .

“ Hello “ I answered , not even looking at the screen to see who was interrupting my shower . I was breathing heavily , trying to fill my lungs with air to regain my strengths , or at least to be able to speak , when I heard a raspy voice at the end of the line .

“ Mornin’ babe . I must’ve interrupted you from something important since you’re breathing like this “ he said , letting me hear his flirty tone .

“ Don’t you think it’s a little too early in the morning for you to be this playful ? “ Harry continued , as I was starting to become a little irritated .

“ Yes , actually you did interrupt me . “ , I said trying to hold a giggle .

“ Oh …. Mmm I .. “ . Did he just lose his words ? This was a first for Harry Styles .

“I was just teasing you , silly .” I laughed , hearing a mumble coming from his pretty lips .

”But you did interrupt me from showering . Now tell me . Why did you call ?“

“ I forgot my Converse when you packed . I’ll come and get them and I expect to find you in the shower . “ he demanded , leaving me in shock for a moment . Knowing that he actually had the guts to come over to my place ,
I quickly replied :
“ No ! “ , I almost shouted . “ I’ll come at your place . I still have to go for some grocery shopping “ .
He laughed at my panicked tone and whispered in a husky voice that made me shiver :
“Payback. I’ll wait for you here . “ , he continued whispering , making this conversation sound more sexual than it could ever be . “But move quickly , we have to go in the studio today.”

“ Fine “ , I hissed , ending the call .
I took my time dressing and applying some make-up , knowing this will make him a little bit angry. “ Payback, you say “ I thought , an evil smirk appearing on my face .
Finally , I decided I made him wait enough , but still knowing not to push the line and get him in trouble .

Of course I forgot to pick the groceries . He was making me forget things I had to do.
I parked my Toyota next to his Range Rover and Audi , thinking how funny my car looked next to those two , but again , I am just a simple wardrobe stylist .

Before I could place my finger on the doorbell , I saw a tall figure standing shirtless in front of me. Although it was something that I have seen before , it surprised me somehow . I quickly scanned his toned torso and the little swallows bellow his collar bones , reminding me of how Lucy , the blondie, looked at them lustfully . My look went higher , eyes now studying his perfectly shaped lips , which looked like pinkish flower petals , then his smile causing to appear a little dimple on the left cheek and finally his green orbs . He had the most dazzling green eyes I have ever seen , making my heart sing , thinking there is no possible way for his eyes to have this color , unless someone had picked it from the raw forest . Looking at him , it seemed that his eyes were screaming freedom , wilderness .

“ You’re late “ , he said standing in front of the door.

“ I wouldn’t say so , judging from how you’ve came to invite me in “ , I said as my lips curved into an innocent smile .

He rolled his eyes , and let me in , stepping back from the front door .
“ I’ll just go to put a t-shirt “ .

I nodded as I started to walk around the house , being impressed by how neat everything was . I have been at his house before , but only when he threw a party or so , not being able to study this familiar environment . I was standing at the doorway of the living room, looking inward at the wooden floor which was pale , yet full of texture , partially covered by a rectangular , beige and fluffy rug , placed near a big leather sofa .

In the living room were a lot of decorations , nicely fitting in the welcoming environment .I was studying a stunning fireplace , yet very modern which seemed to give more elegance to the well designed room , as I turned around to see the boy looking at me and then down at his feet , wiggling his toes. Right . The shoes .

I got the pair of Converse out of the bag , stretching my hand so he could grab the shoes . Our fingers touched and I felt the most unusual sensation , like slightly electric shocks running through my fingertips . And it was also in the most unusual circumstances , handing a pair of shoes .
I decided that I would like to go to the studio too , not wanting to spend my entire day alone . Or maybe this was just an excuse to cover up the real and obvious reason . He was just so addictive. I simply told Harry :

“ We’re taking my car “ , I said as I left the curly boy lacing his shoes .
Authors note: I appreciate feedback :)
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