What's He Doing Here?!

Jamie and Niall met in Dublin 2 years ago,he cheated on her,but she did the same.He doesn't know,she doesn't want him to.Will his new friends from One Direction find out?You'll just have to see.


4. You what?!?!


I woke up in the morning a bit upset for what happened.The moment when me and him kissed was magical.I got a text from Niall.That made me smile.

Niall:"I'm sorry for what happened,Ellen's a bitch.Wanna meet up at Nandos?(: xx"

Me:"I'm sorry too :c and sure (: xx" 


I was on my way to Niall's when a black car with tinted windows pulled up beside me.Whoever was inside pulled me in.I got so scared I nearly pooped myself.It turned out Niall was the one who pulled me and started to crack up with laughter.

Niall:"Haha,you scream like a girl"

Me:"I am a girl.You have arms like a girl,what's your excuse?"

Niall:"Well...uh......damn!You win."

Me:"Hahahahaha sucker"

Niall looked at me for a while,I didn't mind,considering the fact that I was staring at him.His eyes,his hair,his face,his body,his clothes,his beauty.Damn did I love him.



Me and Jamie were there for ages just staring at each other.She's beautiful.How could I cheat on her.I feel like I'm about to fall into her ocean blue eyes.Her skin looked so smooth I had to try my best not to rub her face,that would be weird.I loved how her beautiful black hair fell perfectly down her face.Before I knew it,I was leaning in,but she didn't mind,she was doing the exact same.



His eyes were as blue as the sky.His hair was as beautiful as his personality.How could I resist?So I leaned in.It was amazing,he was amazing,we were amazing,together.Then what he said shocked me,alot.


Niall: "So,uhm I auditioned for the X Factor.."

Jamie: "Really?!Oh my gosh that's brilliant!!!"

Niall: "So you're not mad?"

Jamie: " Of course I'm not mad!!Why would I be?Did you get through?"

Niall:"Maybe,you'll just have to watch it and see how far I get"



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