What's He Doing Here?!

Jamie and Niall met in Dublin 2 years ago,he cheated on her,but she did the same.He doesn't know,she doesn't want him to.Will his new friends from One Direction find out?You'll just have to see.


6. The stalking

It was about 1am and I was getting tired.I walked over to the window because y'know...I felt like it.The moon looked beautiful tonight.I got a text from Harry,suddenly,which is creepy because it is pretty late.

Harry: "Hey,you're looking amazing tonight,you might wanna get a shirt on though,wouldn't want any creepers looking at you"

As you could imagine,I was pretty scared.I looked around the front garden because I thought he might be hiding somewhere.It was really hard to find him,until I saw something sparkling in the bushes.I closed my curtains A.S.A.P.I turned off the light and hid under my covers.I got another text.

Harry: Awwww,don't be like that,we could have some fun y'know.Me and you,together,behind Niall's back.You know you want me.

He wasn't lying either.I did want him,and badly.Niall is so innocent whilst Harry is beautiful,daring,beautiful,strong,beautiful,sexy...did I say beautiful yet?

I heard a knocking on my bedroom door,which took me out of my daydream.I went up to the door and opened it.It was HARRY. Damn was he sexy,he looked at me smirking,and I knew what he wanted.

"Don't pretend you don't want me,I can see it in your eyes" he said leaning over.

I leaned back,helpless.We then took this little "conversation" somewhere a little more secluded.His house.I felt so bad,but good too.

We arrived at his house and then all the bad suddenly went away,and then it all felt good.We went upstairs into his bedroom and "stuff" happened.Stuff that shouldn't be mentioned in this story.


What do you think should happen next?Who do YOU think Jamie should be with?

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