What's He Doing Here?!

Jamie and Niall met in Dublin 2 years ago,he cheated on her,but she did the same.He doesn't know,she doesn't want him to.Will his new friends from One Direction find out?You'll just have to see.


2. Holiday

I was at the Dublin airport,waiting for what seemed like a lightyear.I was going to England for my holidays.I was so excited.Well I was until I saw him.NIALL HORAN.What's he doing here?!I'd better steer clear of him.I got on the plane and I sat down,glad to be away from him.And then he walked onto the plane.DAMMIT!!!!I remember cursing at myself,some words you do not want to hear.Maybe he'd sit away from me,but no,he decided to sit infront of me.I sat their,just staring at the back of his head admiring his beautiful blonde hair."How the hell could I cheat on him?He's beautiful" I thought.Just then,he got up to go to the bathroom and turned and looked at me,but I hid my face.I left a little gap,so I could see him.He was walking over towards a girl and he kissed her,I felt like one million butterflies were kicking my stomach.After he kissed her she giggled and he went into the bathroom.I wanted to get up and punch that girl,but I knew I couldn't,he'd find out who punched her and get really angry at me.I missed him so much,I guess when I dumped him it wasn't because he cheated on me,it was because I didn't want to be near him knowing I cheated on him.He came back out of the bathroom and he saw me,I forgot to cover my face because my mind was completely focused on him.He waved at me and I waved back because I'm an idiot.He started whispering to the man beside and I couldn't stop smiling at him.When he was done whispering to the man beside me,Niall sat in his place,and he sat in Niall's place.I just kept staring at Niall.I think he said "hi" when he sat beside me,I forget if he did or not because I was just staring at his face,completely oblivious to what was happening around me and to what was being said.I was in a trance.He snapped me out of the trance when he started laughing."Hi Niall"I said."Haha,hey" he said.It was a bit awkward for about 20 minutes after that,considering the fact that I was staring at him,and he knew it."Anything new happen?" I finally spoke up.He replied with a "In two years?Yeah,alot haha.I'll tell you about when we get off the plane."And I said."But that's like a half an hour away!" then he laughed and pointed out the window."Oh,we're here..." I said.When we got off the plane he gave me a hug and called over his Girlfriend.Just thinking about that moment made me feel sick.His girlfriend's name was Ellen,she was pretty,too pretty.She was just as nice as she was pretty.Ellen and I started to make some small talk and I found out that Niall and Ellen were staying in a hotel room together.I was in the hotel room next door.This is too much of a coincidence.

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