What's He Doing Here?!

Jamie and Niall met in Dublin 2 years ago,he cheated on her,but she did the same.He doesn't know,she doesn't want him to.Will his new friends from One Direction find out?You'll just have to see.


3. Good morning baby.Oh wait...

"Good morning baby" I said.I put my arms around my pillow and said "Oh wait..." I forgot Niall wasn't sleeping beside me.I frowned,and then I heard a knock at the door.I hopped out of bed and went to answer the door."NIALL!!!" I shouted sounding a tad desperate.I hugged him,which made the situation a bit worse,but he was asking for it."You wanna come out?Ellen doesn't feel well so she can't come." he asked."Sure" I replied trying to act like I didn't care that we were going somewhere,together.We stepped outside and walked around for a while."You know I missed you,alot" Niall said."Oh,I know,all the boys miss me" I replied laughing.We went into Starbucks and we both bought a frappuccino.We walked out of Starbucks and about five minutes later Niall dropped his frappuccino and I started laughing at him.He turned around to me and said,"Gimme a sup of yours".I obviously said no."Pleaseeeeeeee" he said in a baby voice."You'll have to catch me first!" I said running away.I was running so fast that I tripped,still holding my frappuccino.Niall slowly strolled up to me and said "Gotcha love,haha".He picked up my frappuccino and started to drink it.When I got up,I knew I had to get revenge.Then I thought of the perfect idea,he was walking right beside the river,so I pushed him in,because I'm a genius.He was still holding the frappuccino.I started laughing and calling him a frappuccino obsessive.I saw him putting on a bit of a smirk and I started to get worried.He pulled me in and I screamed.It started raining and Niall pulled me in for a kiss,I felt weak when he did that,my legs felt like jelly and I nearly fell,but I felt him picking me up.We were there for what seemed like a lightyear,but this time I didn't mind.We walked to the hotel,hand in hand,but Ellen stopped us,shocked by what she has just witnessed."WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED?!"she screamed.Niall immediately let go of my hand."Babe please,it was nothing,she means nothing to me.I love you! he said.I felt sick.I ran home crying."JAMIE PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!!!" he yelled.I didn't listen.When I got home I fell onto my bed and cried into my pillow.About five minutes later Ellen busted the door of my hotel room open.She came in and punched me across the face"JAMIE YOU BITCH!!!" she yelled."I'm Irish,I don't take bullshit from no one!" I thought.I jumped up and kicked Ellen to the floor.She started crying,and then I realised she was bleeding.I felt so bad.She stood up and punched me again.Niall came in and pushed Ellen out of the room."Jamie,I'm so sor-"before he could finish the sentence I kicked him where it really hurts and pushed him out."Incase you haven't noticed I'M STILL PISSED!!" I yelled at him.I slammed the door closed,or I almost did,the door fell off the hinges before it closed all the way.I cried myself to sleep that night.

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