What's He Doing Here?!

Jamie and Niall met in Dublin 2 years ago,he cheated on her,but she did the same.He doesn't know,she doesn't want him to.Will his new friends from One Direction find out?You'll just have to see.


1. Intro

Hey guys!I'm Jamie,I have many dark secrets,some that absolutely no one can find out,except you.

I cheated on him but he doesn't know,HE CAN'T KNOW!

Niall Horan,One Direction Irish Lad was MY boyfriend!SOOOOO AWESOME RIGHT?!!No.He cheated on me,I got angry but I still cheated on him before he cheated on me.

I was 15 and he was 16.We were perfect.Well,atleast that's what everyone thought.

This  is where I confess EVERYTHING.

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