Rain drops hold the secrets,
Then splatter to the ground.
The Secrets soak inside,
Where they're not disturbed or found.

Everyone has a secret,
That they hope goes down the drain.
But secrets never go away,
They just hide until it rains.


2. Two.

"Ow." I groaned, putting my hand up to daintily touch my aching head. I gaspedin pain and grimaced when I felt some liquid on my forehead. "Oh no." I thought to myself, the events of last night quickly coming back to me.

"She moved." Somebody whispered from behind me, and I instantly froze.

"Shh, she can hear us." Another person murmered. Their voices were childlike and they sounded like girls. I slowly moved my hand down to my waist where my silver pocket knife is and felt around for it.

"It's not there." The child called, obviously noticing my subtle attempt to grab the knife. "We've got it."

I carefully sat up, and tried not to move my head too much. "I'll have it back now thank you." I replied smartly, and turned to face the children. Just as I had thought, they were both girls. One looked around 8, the other 5. The older one had her arms crossed, and was carelessly tossing the knife from one hand to the other. She looked tough, she had unruly, wild, curly hair, was dressed in what seemed to be rags, she also had bare feet which looked very sore. The younger one wasn't dressed much better, however, she at least was wearing shoes- if you could call them that. They were more like pieces of cloth. I stood up and then brushed myself off, I felt quite priviledged compared to them.

I reached out to grab the knife, but the older girl quickly snatched it back. "Not yet." She grinned, obviously enjoying my annoyance.

"What do you want?" I demanded impatiently.

"What's your name?" She queried, and cocked her head to her side, completely ignoring my question.

"Sniper." I replied, giving up on the knife. The little girl watched the knife as the older one tossed it backwards and forwards, "you know, you might want to-" I started to warn her, but it was too late, the little one had already reached for it. The older one rolled her eyes and smartly tossed the knife behind her, my eyes widened in shock as it went straight into a tree, piercing a hole in it. I mean, I knew I was skilled with the knife, but I could never of done that!

"I'm Daisy, that's Rosie." The older girl (Daisy) announced, and I raised my eyebrows- I wouldn't of imagined them to have such girly names! "So what's your real name?"

I stayed silent, taking this opportunity to look around where I was. I was surrounded by trees, however, I didnt remember coming here. This place looked so much scarier last night, and now, well, now it looked like just a normal wood. There was a small river running nearby the old caravan and apart from the caravan, this place looked perfectly innocent. Then a thought occurred to me.

"Have you moved me?" I asked, putting my hand on my hip and leaning to the side.

Daisy smirked, "yes, we have, and you should be grateful." I looked at her in confusion.


"You were in Hangman's wood." Rosie chipped in, "nobody gets out of Hangman's wood alive, those men following you were bad- I could tell. They drowned in that river over there." She pointed to the river which I had previously thought as innocent. "This place is safe, but you can't cross that river."

Suddenly this place didn't seem quite as innocent as I had first thought.


Note: Thank you for reading! I'd be so grateful if you could comment, heart, and fan me. It would make my day and I'd be sure to look at your stories too. I'll be publishing a 1D one shot later on today so keep your eyes peeled.

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