Rain drops hold the secrets,
Then splatter to the ground.
The Secrets soak inside,
Where they're not disturbed or found.

Everyone has a secret,
That they hope goes down the drain.
But secrets never go away,
They just hide until it rains.


1. One.

I ran up to the big oak tree behind my house, and leant against it, panting heavily.

"She went this way!" A fierce looking bald man announced loudly, and I heard footsteps coming my way. I sunk down to the ground, hiding my head in my hands. My breathing was flustered and heavy, so I put my hands on my mouth to in an attempt to muffle the sound of it. I slowly crawled away from the tree and over to the big gate with a long narrow path leading to the woods behind it.

"You can do this." I thought to myself, trying not to break down in tears there and then."Crap." I whispered, as I stepped on a large muddy brown stick. In the silent dead of night, that crunch was as loud as a rumble of thunder.

"Did you hear that?" A man shouted, and I gave out a shriek of alarm. They're were getting closer. I strained my ears to hear what they were saying.

"It came from over there!"

"Let's go!"


"Come on!"

My hand automatically reached to my brown leather belt with my precious pocket knifed strapped to. I took a quick look behind me and saw around thirty men charging towards me. My eyes widened and I quickly took flight. I dashed over to the gate and swung it open. The forest looked terrifying in the dark, the long windy tree's reach up to the sky looked like they had just came out of a horror book, it felt like there were a pair of creepy eyes watching your every move, and there were haunting noises at every corner. But I had no choice but to go straight through the forest. I ran as fast as I could to get away from those men. The sound of their heavy brown boots echoed through the forest- which didn't make the situation better at all.

A sharp bramble had cut through my thin leggings and pierced into my tender skin, I winced in pain. My whole body was aching and my head was burning. All I longed for was a comfy warm bed to rest on, some pure cold water to drink, and some warm food to eat. However, I couldn't get any of that, well, maybe some dirty lukewarm water if I was lucky enough to have some time to pause and get some- but that was very unlikely given the circumstances of around thirty stern, scary men chasing me through Hangman's Wood in the dead of night in the middle of blooming Winter.

"Stop running and we may spare you." A man yelled at me, but I just ignored him, and continued to run as fast as I could. There was mud up to my knees, and I had frost bite everywhere possible. I was shivering madly, and I think I was hallucinating. Dark shadows kept pouncing on me, wolves growling at me with spit dangling from their hungry mouths, and all sorts of different shapes were forming and reaching for me.

"Argh!" I winced as I ran straight into a branch that was dangling lowly down from a tree. I start seeing splotches everywhere. "No, no no no, please, no!" I thought. I can't faint. Not here! Not now! However, luck was against me at that moment. All I remember was loosing my footing, falling down, down, down, and everything going black.

My name? Well that would be a secret. So you can call me Sniper.


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