Bethany was in a math test but suddenly vanished to this other planet.
One direction and four other girls have to help each other survive this.
Will there be any creatures? Will their be love?


1. Gone


POV Bethany (Beth)

“Now we will be starting math” our teacher said, everyone groaned.

“Remember theirs a math test today!” she said while handing us sheets and sheets of papers.

Shoot I forgot to study…

I know that I am going to fail this but… OH WELL.

I started writing, huh this is really easy.

I started humming softly so no one could here.

I saw many eyes on my sheet of paper.

I was humming a team by Ed Sheeran.

Oh how I love Ed Sheeran, I mean I don’t fan girl him I just LOVE his songs!

I couldn’t wait for bow and arrow class after school.

You know I think that I am quite good!

Well people call me Katniss Everdeen, I am not popular neither a nerd.

I am just a girl that goes in High School…

LAST QUESTION! Ooh this one was hard! Its algebra, I hate algebra!


YAY! I started writing it down, when I was done I quickly got up and was about to give Ms.Brook my sheet when I vanished and entered this other world.

“What the fuck!” I say, as I hear other people coming here.


I then see four other girls behind me and five boys around five meters away from me.

“Where am I? I was just about to hand in my math test!” I pouted.

“HI! My name is Harry, this is Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam” he said while pointing to all the boys.

“Hi, my name is Bethany but call me Beth!” I say, “My name is Liz and this is Brittany” another girl says.

“My name is Katelyn and this is Sabrina” she says.

 “Nice to meet you, I am going to make weapons for MYSELF so I can survive this creepy place!” I say while looking at all the trees that were completely black with no leaves, and the grassy floor.

I start walking to a tree as I pick up a sharp rock.

I don’t know where I am or why I am here, but I just have this creepy feeling inside me that there is something out there.

I start cutting off a branch and finally get it off.

I then start to sharpen the end of the branch to make it nice and pointy

“Um… can’t we like work as a team?” I hear Liam ask me.

“I don’t like dragging trash along with me!” I say as I take another branch and start to sharpen it.

“Well then… can’t you at least show me how to do that?” this girl asks.

“Well I don’t want you destroying your pretty nails” I say, “Ok… If she’s not going to help then can at least one of us use a weapon?” Liam asks.

They all shook their heads; I started to cut more when the branch fell off revealing a note.

“If you guys don’t work together then you will all die” I mumbled while reading the note.


“How could we have jumped up their when we were down here?” Niall asked.

“You could be magical, well I have now made twenty of these for all of us your welcome” I say.

“Thanks” they all said at the same time.

I then saw a tree that had a hole in it, so I walked up to the tree and walked inside, the

Hole was two big tents and weapons.

“HEY GUYS!” I yelled, while they came running over to me.

“Look at this!” I say as their eyes widened.

I grab all the weapons because I know that the others would cut themselves or use it wrong.

They grabbed the two tents and we started walking to the place where we started.

“I know that you people don’t know how to put up a tent so, just watch and learn” I say as they all sat down while I started.

2 hours later

I was finally done when I saw that they were still watching.

“I am done so since I put these tents up, then I can have this tent and you guys can share that tent” I said with a smile on my face.

“You know you are a real bitch! Oh and this is the girls tents and that’s the boys” Brittany said.

“What if a ware wolf comes and the guys can’t protect themselves?” I asked.

“Are you saying you want to sleep with us?” Harry said with a grin on his face.

“No I am just saying that you guys can share that tent and I can have this tent!” I say.

“Come on girls lets go to OUR tent, oh and Beth you are not allowed!”

“FINE! I WILL PROTECT THESE GUYS NOT YOU!” I shout and walk to the guy’s tent.

“Bitches” I mumble, as I walk in and there are sleeping bags already here… CREEPY!

I then pick one that’s the closest to the door so that if a monster or something comes then I will kill it FIRST!

The guys come in and Zayn is next to me, the others fall asleep while I was looking at all the weapons.

I then saw two bow and arrows, I wish that at least one guy could fight!

I heard someone behind me so I quickly turned around to see Zayn standing there.

“Can you teach me how to use a weapon?” Zayn asked me.

“Uh… Sure so I at least have one person that can use a weapon” I said while giggling.

I then get knives and the bow and arrows.

20 minutes later

“Ok now you know how to use a bow and arrow” I say while going to get the knives.

I got the knives; I am going to teach him how to throw knives.

I go out to see Zayn waiting for me; I was going to give him his knife until he pulled me into a kiss.

I pulled away and said “I am sorry but I don’t want germs” I say while giggling.

I don’t know if I liked it or not.

He laughed and took the knife he then started to throw the knife at the tree.

He was good!

“You are really good at this!”

30 minutes later

It turns out that Zayn and I are very alike.

I then see a rabbit and whistle.

Luckily the rabbit came in my direction.

“Look how cute!” I say as I stabbed the rabbit showing no emotion, I mean we need to eat something!

Zayn starts laughing; I then get all the meat and start a fire.

Luckily I had some branches from when I was making weapons.

I then light it up with rocks.

I start to roast the meat on a stick.

YUMM! It smelt good!

Everyone woke up from the smell of the roasting rabbit.

“Something smells good!” Harry said while coming closer.

“Its rabbit and I killed it myself!” I say proudly.

“Oh I can throw knives and shoot bow and arrows!” Zayn said with pride.

The rabbit is now done and I start cutting it in pieces for all of us.

The girls came out with their hairs messed up!

I started laughing at their hair.

We all ate up.

I then remember, how are we going to get water?

I then run in the tent and find 10 bags that had name tags on them…

But they weren’t here when we came here…

That must mean that someone (Not one of us) has been in our tent.


Hi! Who do you think it was? 

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