Just another Boy

Nellie Bane is not your average girl. She's the best woman boxer in all of her home state, Illinois. While back home in Chicago, she goes to do a boxing match before going to the One Direction concert, her favorite band in the world. When Harry Styles comes to the Gym and sees Nellie, he immediately falls for her. Will Nellie retire from boxing and go back to London with Harry or will she continue doing her passion and make Harry "just another boy."


1. Warm up

 "Alright Nellie you got 2 rounds left and you're winning the match. Don't let her even touch you." Coach Bren said in his Chicago accent. My dark brown hair was everywhere and one of my crystal blue eyes was outlined by a big black circle from when my opponent threw her first punch. I ran into the ring, just waiting for this to be over, the One Direction concert is in 3 hours! Once the official rang the bell I threw a hard punch straight to her nose. She fell to the ground in pain. This was something in boxing that I could never get used to. After 5 seconds, she finally tapped out. I had won! All of a sudden, paparazzi crowded around me. "So, Nellie, you are the best boxer in all of Illinois and most of the United States, what does it feel like when you win a match?" One man said. "Well it just gives me motivation to keep doing what I love to do and makes me feel like the luckiest girl on Earth." I said as I pushed through the crowd. "Nellie! Do you plan on getting a boyfriend anytime soon?" One woman said. "No definitely not. Boxing is my main priority." I said and finally made my way to the locker rooms. A few of my friends and Coach Bren were waiting inside. "Congratulations!" They all screamed as I went to get my bag. "Thanks guys but I need to get ready!" I said and sped off to take a shower.

    Once I had taken a shower and gotten ready, most people had left besides Coach Bren and two boys, for whom one of them Coach Bren was teaching. He was my best friend and also Coach Bren's son, his name is Cal. The other one had strong brown curls and a tall, firm build. I have to admit that he was very good looking from behind. "He kind of looks like Harry Styles." I thought as I looked down at my One Direction shirt. "Bye Coach!" I yelled. "Wait Nellie! The concert isn't for 2 more hours! Could you stay for at least fifteen more minutes to help Cal with his guard punch!" Coach Bren said. "Coach I'm sorry but I can't! I'll miss the bus! I've been waiting to finally see One Direction for almost a year!" I said. That's when the curly haired boy turned around. "I could drive you. I'm going to the same place." he said but all I could focus on was his face.

    "Y-y-you're Harry Styles!" I screamed. "Um yea I am but could you keep it down? I don't want the paparazzi to find me." He said. He walked over to me and shook my hand. "You're very good at boxing you know. I'm impressed." he said. "Thank you. I would hope so. I've been doing it ever since I was 10 and I'm seventeen now. My coach is amazing." I said as I glanced back at Coach Bren who was failing at teaching Cal how to do a special punch that was even hard for me to do.

    "You really don't mind driving me?" I said. "Not at all. You should go help that kid. He looks like he's having a hard time." He said. "Thanks. It'll only be 10 minutes." I said as I walked over to Cal.

    "Hey mind if I help." I said to Cal. "Not at all my dad is terrible." He said. "Alright. Hand me some gloves." I said.

    Coach Bren threw me a pair of black gloves. I could tell that Harry was watching me. I showed and talked through the steps and Cal was really beginning to understand. "Sorry Cal but I have to go." I finally said after 20 minutes. "No problem. Thanks Nel. You wanna go to the movies tomorrow night? Dan and Bailee are going to be there." He said. Dan and Bailee were really good friends of mine also. "I'll think about it Cal. See you later." I said as I walked over to Harry. "Thank you so much Harry. I can't believe I'm driving with Harry Styles!" I screamed. "Hey it's no problem. It's a pleasure. You are a celebrity after all."  He said as he laughed. We got into the car as butterflies filled my stomach. This would be the best night of my life!

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