Just another Boy

Nellie Bane is not your average girl. She's the best woman boxer in all of her home state, Illinois. While back home in Chicago, she goes to do a boxing match before going to the One Direction concert, her favorite band in the world. When Harry Styles comes to the Gym and sees Nellie, he immediately falls for her. Will Nellie retire from boxing and go back to London with Harry or will she continue doing her passion and make Harry "just another boy."


4. Wanted

    I went back to my seat; turned away from Bailee. "Why are you mad?" She asked; her sassy attitude making my insides boil. Like she didn't know. "I'm not." I said, still turned away. "Yea you are. I didn't know that you liked Harry so much I mean he's super hot and I-" I cut her off. "I don't like him! I like him as friend! We met earlier ok?! I'm sorry!" I said. "Pssh you seriously met Harry Styles and lied to me about it?! I don't understand why you always steal all of the boys that I've ever liked! Like seriously! Do you really have to be that big of a jerk?!" She yelled as tears dripped from my eyes. "I'm leaving." I said, crying. "Bye!" She yelled. I ran out towards the door and caught Harry's eye while he was singing. I couldn't believe that I was going to miss the concert that I had saved up for and waited for for so long. The boys sounded so perfect. Especially Harry.... Wait! Stop! You can't fall for him! I screamed in my head.

    Just then the boys ran off the stage to change and Harry came running towards me. "Nellie! Where are you going?!" He screamed. I tried to hold back my tears. "H-h-home." I managed to let out. My eyes were red and puffy. I was so ashamed of myself. I hadn't cried in so long. I thought that I was too strong. "Nellie! What's wrong?!" He said as he was turned around; putting on a new shirt. "I-I'm fine Harry. No need to worry." I said. "Will I see you again?" He asked. "Probably not Harry. I'm sorry I just can't get distracted like this again." I said. His face dropped. "Oh... alright. Um bye Nellie." He said but before I could move he hugged me. I pulled away. "Bye Harry." I said and ran out the doors. I thought of my whole day as I waited for a cab. A cab finally pulled up just as another guy ran out of the door. We both got into the cab. "Can you please drop me of at the water tower place downtown?" I asked the cab driver. "Same." the guy said. "I'm Andy, Andy Samuels." He said. He had shoulder length brown hair and rather pretty eyes. "Nellie, Nellie Bane." I said imitating him. "Now why would a tough guy like you be at a One Direction concert?" I asked. "Ha ha I'm here for a friend. I promised him that I'd come to a concert and I've been in Chicago for the holiday so I decided to come. I couldn't take it any longer so I had to leave. Ha. It's nice to meet you. Now why would a fit little girl like you be leaving the concert early?" He asked in his British accent. "Oh I'm just tired. I have to work in the morning." I said. "Where do you work?" "Oh um I'm actually a professional boxer......." I said nervously. "Oh my god no way?! That's awesome!" He said. "Yea." I said just as we paid the cab driver and got out of the cab. "I would love to come to a match some time. Can I have your number?" He asked. How can I have fallen for two guys in one day?! I wrote down my number for him on an old napkin in my purse. "It was nice meeting you Andy. I'll see you around. Yea?" I asked. "Definitely. Bye." He said. "Bye." I said and walked away.

    I walked into the water tower place and into the elevator, up to my aunt's apartment. Wanted by Hunter Hayes started to play. Wanted. Wanted for love or the fight? That's when I realized that tomorrow I was going to a movie with Bailee.....


Authors Note

Hey loves! Thank you so much for reading! Please comment any advice or suggestions! Thanks!  

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