Just another Boy

Nellie Bane is not your average girl. She's the best woman boxer in all of her home state, Illinois. While back home in Chicago, she goes to do a boxing match before going to the One Direction concert, her favorite band in the world. When Harry Styles comes to the Gym and sees Nellie, he immediately falls for her. Will Nellie retire from boxing and go back to London with Harry or will she continue doing her passion and make Harry "just another boy."


7. Up and coming

    I couldn't stop smiling after Harry dropped me off. I mean, he's the first guy that's ever made me feel like I was actually worth it. Like I was more than just a fighter.

    The next morning I walked into the gym with a huge smile on my face. I noticed a few stares. "Nellie. Are you alright?" Coach Bren asked. "Wonderful!" I said, giggling. I wrapped my hands and grabbed a jump rope. I jumped for 3 complete rounds, smiling at every second. Then I went to the punching bag. I wasn't punching as hard as I usually do. I think that everyone could tell.

   "Nellie?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DID U BECOME A FREAKING FLOWER OVERNIGHT?!" Coach said. "No dad she's got a boyfriend." Cal laughed. "What?! So you think you can put boxing aside for this stupid boyfriend of yours?" "He's not stu-" "Enough Nel! If you keep acting like this and wont take this seriously I'm kicking you out of my gym." "What?! One day after finally finding a good boyfriend and you're threatening me that you're kicking me out of your gym?! I'm one of the best boxers here!" I screamed, now I was angry. "You won't be if you focus on your boyfriend and not this sport! I'm sorry Nellie I'm just trying to help you." "Help me? Are you serious? You think telling me that I should forget about the boyfriend I've had FOR ONE DAY is going to help me?!" I yelled and grabbed my stuff, running out of the gym. He was right though. I knew that this was going to happen. It's happened with every other boyfriend I've ever had. I've left them for boxing. There can't be anymore of this. I just have to tell Harry that I have to see him less to be able to make this relationship work. He's only in Chicago for three more days, then he's going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The same place I'll be going for a tournament. Of course.

 Riiiiing riing riiiiiing. Harry would not answer his phone! I tried calling him twice. He couldn't be at another concert I mean its so early! If Harry got up as early as he did yesterday than I don't know the reason for this. After trying to call him 3 times I gave up. Ugh.

    I started waking around Chicago. I watched the happy couples on the beach together. "Why cant my life be like this?" I thought. I walked into Starbucks and got a latte. I went to sit at a window seat but I felt a searing hot liquid poor on my shirt. I screamed. "Oh my God I'm SO sorry!" A man said. "Andy?"I gasped. "Nellie? Are you following me?" Andy laughed. He handed me a few napkins. "Thanks." I smiled. My tee shirt was ruined and my side stung. "You're going to need a new shirt." Andy said. "I know but I want to finish my coffee first. I have to a long way to get back to my apartment." "My hotel is just down the street. I have a shirt and a jumper you can borrow." "Are you sure? I don't want to cause any burden." "It's no problem! Common! Bring your coffee!" Andy said.

    We arrived in the hotel lobby a few minutes later. "So what floor?" I asked Andy. "Umm I think 7." "You think?" "Yea I mean I uh kinda forgot..." "Andy!" We laughed. "I guess we should start from the bottom and go up to the top. There's 7 floors right?" I said. "Yea we better go!" We ran through the first floor,then the second, all the way to the sixth. We couldn't stop laughing. He started to get tired so Andy grabbed my hand so we could stay together. We finally reached his room, room # 7290. He opened the door and we fell to the floor laughing. Andy grabbed a tee shirt and a sweatshirt from his suitcase and handed them to me. "Thanks." I said and smiled. I walked into the bathroom and washed off the sticky coffee from my side. I slipped on the clothes and opened the door. I sat on the couch next to him. "That was really fun. Thank you." I said. "It was. We should hang out more often." He said, glaring into my eyes. Before I could speak again his lips were on mine as he softly kissed me. For a few seconds I kissed back, until I finally realized what I was doing. I pushed away. "I'm sorry Andy I have to. I'll give you back the clothes tomorrow!" I yelled and ran out of the hotel room. Once I got in the elevator I closed my eyes and leaned up against the wall. "What just happened?" I whispered to myself, when I finally realized another person was in the elevator. "Nellie? What are you doing here?" Harry said cheekily.




OMG I'm SOOOOOO incredibly sorry for not updating! I had terrible writers block and of coarse I was on spring break so I was extremely busy! Thankyou for all of the AMAZING comments and favourites! It literally BLOWS MY MIND every time I see them! You guys really inspire me to write more and more! You may get one more chapter tonight! I really enjoyed writing this chapter and can't wait to share all of my INSANE plans for this story! Team Harry OR Team Andy? Comment, favorite, like! Thank you all! <3 Ally

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