Just another Boy

Nellie Bane is not your average girl. She's the best woman boxer in all of her home state, Illinois. While back home in Chicago, she goes to do a boxing match before going to the One Direction concert, her favorite band in the world. When Harry Styles comes to the Gym and sees Nellie, he immediately falls for her. Will Nellie retire from boxing and go back to London with Harry or will she continue doing her passion and make Harry "just another boy."


2. Secrets

     I climbed into Harry's car; butterflies swarmed in my stomach as Harry started to drive. "So Nellie right?" Harry said. "Yea Nellie Bane. I can't believe I forgot to tell you my name!" I said and began to get really nervous. "It's no problem. So are you and that guy Cal..." He started. "No. No way. Cal is just my best friend. He's actually been a boxer longer than me. His dad is my coach but lets just say that Cal is not the next Muhammad Ali." I said and slightly giggled.

    "Who?" Harry asked. Yea this could NEVER work as a relationship. "You know, Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time?! He's my idol." I said surprised. "Oh! I think I've heard of him but I don't really know any boxers... besides you of course." He said. I laughed. "What?" Harry said. "You don't know me." I said. "I'm talking to you right now. I know you. I know your name." Harry said. "Yea but you don't know.. me." I said. "Well I would like to so tell me about yourself." Harry said, his eyes glued to the road. "Well my full name is Nellie Elizabeth Bane and I'm from Chicago and boxing has been my passion since I was ten. I have an older brother Elliot and my parents live in a house a few miles from Wrigley Field." I said. "Tell me more about yourself not your family. Why did you start boxing?" Harry asked. Memories filled my head of that night when I was ten... "Oh you know, it just seemed fun." I lied. "Well you've definitely come a long way from it seemed fun." Harry said as we laughed. "So you like One Direction?" Harry said. "I'm a HUGE fan and I have been ever since I first heard "What makes you Beautiful"." I said but memories of Elliot filled my head. "We're here!" Harry yelled as I snapped out of my flashback. "Yay! I'm going to go to the bathroom. Maybe I'll see you later?" I said casually. "Definitely! Can I drive you home?" Harry asked. "Sure um where can we meet up?" I asked. "Let me see your phone." Harry said. I pulled out my phone and blushed when Harry saw my One Direction case. "Nice case." He said. I laughed, "Thanks." He started typing something on my phone then handed it back to me. "Text me after the concert and then I'll find you. K?" Harry said. "Alright. Thank you Harry." I said and turned away towards the bathroom. I looked on my phone to see Harry's number but I couldn't find Harry's name on my contacts. Then I noticed one that said, "Muhammad Ali". I laughed and turned around to see him smiling at me. I turned back around and continued walking to the bathroom.

    I walked in the bath room and looked in the mirror. My face was red and anybody could tell that I was stressed. Memories of that one night filled my mind.


    I was 10, Elliot was 19. Elliot was never really home. He was the only one that would ever really talk to me and care about me. My grades in school started to drop and I became very quiet and reserved. My parents didn't know what to do. They tried to get Elliot to talk to me but he was always locked in his room after arguing with my parents. After about 10 months of this Elliot finally came home one day and sat with us at dinner. He was quiet, but still there. All of a sudden he spoke up. "I'm leaving here." He said. "What do you mean?" My mom said. She had been a wreck lately. "I'm leaving Chicago. I'm leaving Illinois." He said. "WHAT? WHY?!" My dad screamed. "I don't know." He said. "OH NO YOU'RE NOT MISTER! YOU ARE STAYING HERE!" Dad yelled. "You can't make me. I'm an adult! I'm sick and tired of being treated like a kid! I'm sick of living here with you people! I met someone! I'm leaving!" He said. I broke down crying and looked at Elliot's eyes. He came over to me and picked me up. He carried me to my room and sat next to me on my bed. "Why are you leaving me Ellie?" I cried. "Nell Bell you'll always be my girl. I just have to leave. Mom and Dad aren't getting along with me right now so I have to go." He said and wrapped me in a hug. "You can't leave me Ellie! I'm gonna miss you!" I said; balling tears. "Go to sleep Nell. Things will be better in the morning. I love you Nellie. Always remember that." Elliot said. I lied on my pillow and went to sleep to the screaming voices of my family.

    The next morning I woke up and Elliot had left. I wouldn't eat and I didn't talk for a long time. I began to get anorexic and my parents began to get really worried. I was taken to therapists of all sorts but nothing worked, until I was given a pair of beaten up boxing gloves and was taken to a boxing ring. I began to gain back weight and muscle but I still would never speak a word. I gave everything I had to boxing. It was my only hope. That's when I met Cal. He could barely throw a punch and couldn't stop talking. My coach always tried to help him but nothing worked. One day I couldn't focus so I walked over to him and spoke. " Can you please stop with the blabbering? I'm trying to box here!" I said with my sassy, impatient self. He turned around. "More like kill the punching bag! Now I know how to box." He said and punched the punching bag as hard as he could. "OWWW!" He screamed. I started laughing and he joined in. "Alright maybe I don't. I'm Cal. And you are," He said. "Nellie, Nellie Bane." I said and that's how our friendship began. I told him everything and he's been there every step of the way.


    I felt this weird attraction towards Harry. A feeling of hope and strength. I knew that from this point on we would have a connection.

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