Just another Boy

Nellie Bane is not your average girl. She's the best woman boxer in all of her home state, Illinois. While back home in Chicago, she goes to do a boxing match before going to the One Direction concert, her favorite band in the world. When Harry Styles comes to the Gym and sees Nellie, he immediately falls for her. Will Nellie retire from boxing and go back to London with Harry or will she continue doing her passion and make Harry "just another boy."


3. Friends

    I walked out of the bathroom and found my seat, right next to where my friend Bailee would be sitting. I had gotten here about a half an hour early so it was just a few other fans, the boys, and I. Harry waved at me as he was practicing. I blushed and smiled but automatically stopped. There was no way I could ever be with a guy right now, especially Harry Styles for that matter! "Hey girlie!" Bailee screamed when she saw me, her perfect blonde hair, green eyes, and pale complexion would definitely catch the eyes of at least one of the boys. "Hey!!!" I yelled and gave her a hug. We hadn't seen each other for weeks now that we'd graduated from high school. "So how was the match?! You won't BELIEVE what I heard on the news!!!!!!" She said excitedly. "It was fine. I won. I was against that one gir-" I said but I got cut off, Bailee's patience was worse than a 5 year old's. "OK so on the news it said that HARRY STYLES WAS AT THE GYM YOU WERE PRACTICING AT!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! She yelled. I blushed. "Yea." I said. "Well?! Did you see him?! Did you tell him that he needs to set your bestie up with Zayn Malik?!" She screamed. "Nah sorry I didn't meet him. I just saw him." I lied. "Uggg well he's totally into you. Look he's staring!" She said. "He's obviously staring at you Bai." I said. "Nuh uh! Watch!" She said and walked down the isle straight towards the boys and started to scream up at them. Yep. That's Bailee.

Harry's POV

     "Hey Harry!" That girl Nellie was with screamed. Security started to come together but I stopped them and jumped off of the stage. "Hey Harry. Why were you staring at my friend and I over there?" She said. I saw Nellie staring at me, God she was gorgeous. "Oh you know.." I said. That's when she leaned in and kissed me! I looked over to Nellie but she wasn't there. I pushed the pretty girl away and ran to the bathrooms.

Bailee's POV

    Wow Harry Styles is one good kisser! Sure Nellie likes him but who would back away from a kiss from Harry Styles?! Do I feel bad? No. I mean common, she would do the same thing to Zayn; although Harry is secretly my favorite. He's totally into her but there's no way she's ever going to get him. She gets every single boy that I've ever liked and then breaks up with them for that stupid sport boxing! I'm going to get him this time and I'm going to fight.

Nellie's POV

    I ran to the bathroom after seeing Bailee kiss Harry. That jerk! She knows that I like him! I'm not too surprised though, I knew that Harry had been staring at her the whole time. A tear trickled down my eye. Why couldn't I be pretty? Why couldn't I be perfect and sweet and outgoing?  Someone knocked on the door. I don't understand why. I must have locked it. I walked over and opened it. I was surprised to see Harry. "Hey you alright?" He said. "Yea." I weakly said. That's when he leaned in and kissed me! He kissed me right after I watched him kiss Bailee! That jerk! I pushed passed him and began to walk back down towards the way to my seat. He grabbed my shoulder and turns me around. "I'm really sorry I shouldn't of done that..... or let your friend or whatever kiss me. I um.... really like you. " He said. "I really like you....... as a friend!" I said and caught myself. He faintly smiled.  "Cool. Well I'll see you after the concert right?" He said. "Yea. Thanks again." I said. "No problem. What was your friend's name?" He said. "Bailee." I said surprised. "Oh ok cool. Bye." He said. "Bye."

Harry's POV

    As a friend? Hmmm well that Bailee girl wasn't too bad. I think I may have a chance with her. But Nellie is the only thing going through my mind. Could she really only like me as a friend?

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