The teardrop of distance.

The hard side of love, is the distance from the one you love


1. the teardrop of distance

chapter 1.  I lie there, still and alone. The soft linnings upon my naked skin, with the light of the bright moon on my face. Even though my eyes are closed i can tell its full moon. I remember the time he said " every time I'll see the full moon on the sky, I'll think of you". His voice fills my head with the sweetest longing. I can hear the pumping of his heartbeat, feel the warmth of his breath on my neck. His deep, calming and steady breath, is as clear to me as ever before. His arm around my waist, as a comforting lifebelt. I can smell his skin, and i feel home.  Im home again.  Whe warm tears rolls down my chin, and ends in my hair. I open my eyes, and watches the bright full moon. And i realize I'm yet again Alone.  The words "I love you" escapes my lips, before i yet again falls a sleep. 
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