The teardrop of distance.

The hard side of love, is the distance from the one you love


2. Running through a dream.

"My chest is hurting, every breath i take sends a siring pain down through my throat. My heart beats as if its trying to burst out through my chest. My breath comes in sharp gasp's, and sends the cold air down my throat. My legs are screaming for me to stop, every step i take i take hurts. But i can't stop I have to keep on going. I force my self to look up after what ever I'm chasing. But there is nothing. the beautiful landscape just folds out in every direction. What am I running for ? I slow down, and finally stop. I'm now aware of my breathing, the hurt in my chest and throat. I fall to my knees in the snow, numb for every hurting feeling.  

- I hear his breathing beside me, its as fast as my own. He kneels down beside me, puts his arms around me and says " you don't have to run anymore, I'm always here in your heart". 

I wake up with a startle, and is aware of the warm teardrops on my face, and the warmth in my chest. I turn around and finds nothing yet again. I fall a sleep to his sound of his voice in my head."



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