Chaos of the Cell Games: The Hetalian Way

The Cell Games is happening. You all know of the Cell Games right? But what happens if the characters from Hetalia also praticipated in the Cell Games along with the Z Warriors?


1. Chapter 1

Bickering and squabbling were the personified countries of the Earth. America was laughing at France and England, as they fought.

"Listen here, you bloody tosser! My scones are very delicious, and they are better than your disgusting snails!" England yelled, irritated.

"Angleterre, your scones are even worse then ze dog food at my home!" France replied heatedly. America just kept laughing; cheering as if there was no tomorrow.

China sighed. "Why can't you be more mature? Stop fighting and have some sweets, aru!" With this said, he held out a small bowl with sweets in them. He blanched as Russia, took two of the small sweet cakes.

Thank you, China. Do you wish to become one with me now, da? He asked sweetly. China shook his head while protesting.

"Oh, come on. Latvia has a lot of fun in my house, right?" He said, pointing his pipe at the scared young nation.

Japan was busy talking to South Italy, or Romano, while the latter just listened and then complained about not being a able to take a siesta.

Then Spain came in recognizing how cute Romano was while he slept at night. Romano proceeded to flush, and screamed profanities at the country. North Italy, or Veneziano, tried to calm his older brother down.


Meanwhile, a certain country was angrily watching all of the countries, and finally snapped.

"This is a world meeting, not a zoo! Out of all of you, only Austria has been listening! Mein Gott, if you do not..." Everyone ignored him, even Austria.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Ludwig, or Germany, screamed. Everyone did shut up. Except for Denmark, who was busy watching the TV.

"Gut. Now everyone is going to go in turns, nobody speaks more than ten minutes! Raise your hand to speak as well." A lonesome hand made its way up.

"Ja, Denmark?" Germany acknowledged.

"There is a creepy dude on TV. He made some lights and then the reporter died!" He mused. Norway huffed. Nearby, England and Austria did too.

"I doubt it. There is no way-" Norway started, however, was interruped by the sound of an explosion coming from the television.

"...Cell Games. I will be hosting it so that all of your Earthling warriors can fight against me. If all of them lose against me, I will kill every inhabitant of this planet, whether it'd be an alien, a human, or an animal."

Everyone stayed silent at that statement.

"I will be waiting, Goku." Cell added, and then the line went off, making the television show static lines.

More silence filled the room. The police guard outside the doors was amazed at the lack of noise coming from inside.

Then North Italy raised his hand. Germany pointed at him with his pen in acknowledgement.

"Does that mean we are safe? We are not human, or aliens, or animals!" Feliciano said shakily, and waved his white flag.

"Hey, dude, what about Tony?! He is in trouble!! We gotta save him!"

"America, you bloody idiot! What about the citizens? They are in need of our help!"

"I disagree with both of you. I believe my precious clothes makers need our help! I cannot live without them. Big Brother France proposes that we keep them in a basement so that horrible monsters can't get them!"

"How about Panda? He needs help too, aru!"

"I think we should just make that monster go boom boom, and that's it. Aren't I right, Latvia?"

"Y-Yes, M-Mister Russia."

Everyone started talking again about this Cell creature. Germany's eye twitched. It wasn't Germany who silenced them though.

"Listen up, everybody! Some of the Japanese men went to destroy big monster!" Japan said loudly, making everyone face him. "It's on television!" Everyone looked around, and nodded.

"Denmark, turn it to the news channel." Norway demanded.

"Ok!" The Dane took the remote, and changed it to a visible channel.

Everyone watched pathetically as the army was exploded to bits with a simple energy ki.




"Japan, don't you think that this is not working?" England murmured, having his look of pity on.

"Yes, England-kun. I may need more men! It is the Japanese way to not give up!"

"You know, we should all like, fight that monster." Poland suggested with his usual bubbly tone.

"I can awesomely bring it down with only my army, right West?" Prussia said loudly.

"But bruder-" Germany began, but was interrupted by America.

"No way, dude, I am the hero! I will defeat it, and all of you should definitely be my back up."

"I agree with America-san."

"Not again, Japan!" Switzerland yelled.

"Everyone shut up!" Germany yelled again. Everyone went quiet, and looked at Germany.

"Look, everyone, we already fought those aliens that came before. We must  fight these ones too." He reasoned. "No Japan, and Italy, follow me. We'll start first."

"Hey Germany, I am gonna totally beat them! You don't need to worry!" America intervened, and winked.




"We should deal with this in a courteous manner." Japan commented, and smiled confidently, surprising some countries.

"Some of the men in my country and China-kun's country are already in the move to defeating these monsters. We will go and watch."

"Where do these games take place?" England asked, listeing intently.

"I believe they are taking place in Greece-kun's area." Japan muttered. Said country didn't react. He was too busy sleeping.

"Okey, so it's settled! We will all go to those games in ten days! See ya all there, bros!" America declared, and walked out grinning.


The rest followed suit, muttering under their breaths, and some just yelling randomly. It just shows how much they cared about their planet, doesn't it?

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