An escape to reality

It's the story of a girl named Destiny. She's a gymnast. Her neighbor is a boy named Zayn. He's not his friend, not his enemy or anything, just her neighbor. Her parents don't want her to talk or do anything with him, but maybe this little bad boy that is Zayn is gonna make her disobey ? 'Cause you know, Zayn is really cute, and nice and, irresistible.


1. Friendship; a Beginning

I returned from my gym class, it was about nine o clock. I regretted not taking anything other than mini-shorts, it was rather cold for the end of August. I passed my neighbor's house and saw him outside, smoking.It was Zayn Malik. My parents didn't like him and therefore, I was forbidden to talk, or hang out with him. But as always, I could not help, but respond to his smile.
- Hey Destiny! 
- Hey Zayn ... 
- How are you ? 
 - I'm fine... And you? -
- I'm fine, see you tomorrow? 
- I guess ... Unless you take over the bus. 
- Ah ... No ... I always take it. How was it? - What?
 - Your gym class? 
- Oh, well. Thank you. I really gotta go ... Zayn I'm sorry ... 
- It's okay ...
Why was he like that? Every night the same thing ... I went into the house. 
- I'm home. 
Nobody answered.
- Hi ?
- Oh, hi honey. My mother took my bag and went to the laundry room. I went to my room automatically. 
- How can he smoke at his age! What a shame!
. I thought "He has the right to smoke, let him do what he wants." I took the necessary things and left my room to take a shower
From the moment I laid my head on the pillow, I knew something was going to be different tomorrow. I fell asleep quickly, because I was exhausted.

I felt affection for someone, the love I felt was great. I kissed someone, and it was a good kisser ... I heard a cry. A breaking noise. I turned and saw my mother looking at me horrified. I look without understanding, and turned. Zayn stood in front of me. My mother disappear into white smoke. 
And I woke up. I looked at my alarm clock, I had forgotten to put on. Fortunately it was not so late. I rose with difficulty because I was still tired. I choose to wear mini jean shorts and a white shirt with 3/4 sleeves. I flattened my hair quickly and applied some mascara. I lunched a bowl of cereal, and when I got off at my little street, I found myself alone with Zayn. 
- Hi! 
- Hi ... 
- Why do you hate me ? 
 - I dont hate you !
- That's not true!
 - Yes it is! 
- No! 
- Yes! The bus arrived and we stopped talking. Zayn asked me if i wanted to enter the bus before him. I smiled and passed first. I hate the bus. I am always forced to sit on a bench, stuck with another person. Always the same, since we were neighbors.
- It's cute to see you at the bottom. - I'm... I'm stuck ... 
- Oh. Sorry ... He left me a little more space. 
- Thank you ... Thank you very much.
- Nah... Don't thank me for that. 
- Oh.. Okay. 
- So, why do you hate me ? 
- I dont hate you Zayn... I said In a small voice
- Well, if you dont, why do you ignore me on the bus ? 
- I'm not ignoring you, i'm talking to you. 
- But before ... Last Year, were you hating me ? 
- No.. I... Its not me... I just can't talk to you... 
- What ? 
- I can't. 
- Why ? 
- Because of... Of...
And the bus stopped, we were at school. I didnt have to continue, Because he was already outside. I sighed. Great, he thinks I hate him... And it's not even true... I'd like to be his friend. But my parents... I was walking in the corridors when the first bell rang. I started to run to go to my locker. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Zayn. 
- You didnt finish what you was saying... 
- Oh, uhm. 
- You can't because... ? 
- Uh... Uhm... Because ... My parents don't like you. 
He seemed sad. 
- B..But I like you !!
- Oh. *he smiled* you wanna do something ? 
- Huh ? 
- Well, you know, we could go to the skate park. 
- Wait.. Now ? 
- Yeah, why not ? 
- There's school ! 
- And that's the fun part. 
- And my parents ?! And the school ?
- They won't even know... 
- Are you sure of that ? 
- Yeah. An if we get in trouble, I'll just say we missed the bus. 
- Oh... Okay. 
The second bell rang. He was walking, in the direction of the door. I was so scared, I know, kinda weird but, I've never did that before, and my parents would be so angry if they know... Now we were outside, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, but I wasn't sure of what I was doing. It was hot outside, and I liked that. 
- So, wath do you do at gym lessons ? 
- You know, gym things... 
- Okay... And you're good ? 
- I think so. *i laughed* 
- It's funny how you've grown this summer. 
- I know right ! The doctor said it was because I did too much gym so it's been retarded. 
- Well, every boy thought you were the prettiest because of that. 
- Wow. That's hard to believe. 
- It's true, the other girls were so tall ! *he laughed* 
- But they're still really pretty. 
- I know. 
- Yeah. Uhm... So were do you wanna go ? 
- I don't know, were should we ? 
- Far from home. 
- Obviously. 
- So, skate park's okay ? 
- Yepp. 
- Okay. 
We walked, and finally we arrived. 
- So you know how to skate, Destiny ? 
- No. And you ? 
- Hmm... No. We'll learn together, one day. 
- Wow, you see far in the futur. *i laughed* 
- *he laughed* 
- What do we do now ? 
- We could... Oh, they're, there's my friends, over there. 
- Let's go. 
- Yeah. 
We arrived in front of his friends. They looked at me.
- That's the girl who's too perfect ? 
- What ? 
I said. Zayn looked at me, a little embarrassed. 
- Yeah. 
- You did a great job bro, she missed school. 
They laughed. 
- No, she's nice. This is Destiny. 
- Hi. Are you Zayn's girlfriend ? 
- No.. 
- Ohh... Zayn, you forgot that. 
I laughed with them. 
- She's not my kind... 
- Ok. 
It was weird. 
- So Destiny, wanna go school ? Zayn said
- Uhm... Yeah. 
- Ok, bye guys. 
- Bye Malik. 
We leaved. 
- I'm sorry for them, they're crazy. 
- No... It's okay. 
- No... They were st... We're at school. 
- Oh. 
- You liked our first day of school ? 
*il laughed* 
- The day's not over. 
- Yeah. 
When we entered the school, everyone was taking they're things to go in class. I did the same. I had Math. I hate maths. 
- What do you have now ? 
- Maths *i sighed* and you ? 
- Oh, me too. 
- Oh ! 
- Maybe its not gonna be that bad huh ? He laughed. Was he just laughing of me or he was maybe serious. I think he wasn't serious, because he winked at me. The teacher named everyone, we heard some"present", "here". When he finished, we heard from the intercome "Can mrs Destiny Young and Mr Zayn Malik can come to my office ?" the teacher looked at us, "go" I was walking and Zayn was also walking, next to me. 
- Are we in trouble ?
- No, you'll see. 
- O-okay. 
We arrived at the office. 
- Take a chair. 
- Ok, said Zayn calmly. 
- So, you two decided to miss the school ? On the first day ? Come on, you should've wait two weeks... But I'm not saying to do it. 
- No. We missed the bus. 
- Yeah, I said. 
- Are you laughing of me ? 
- No. I missed the bus. He's my neighbor, I don't even like him ! I don't even know why I walked to school with him ! 
- Oh. Well, don't forget to wake up next time. You can go now. 
We left. 
- Woaahh ! Was that true ? 
- No... I just didn't want trouble. 
- Oh. Okay. You act really good. 
- Thank you. 
 - I'm sorry, i didnt think they'd know...
- Oh, no its okay. 
- So, do you wanna do something tonight ? 
- I have gym lesson. 
- Oh. Okay. 
- Okay, be serious, the teacher's gonna open the door. 
- Okay. 
- Oh, miss Young, please, just... How do you dress ? Your shorts are really shorts. 
- Not that much. 
- Well... 
- Oh please... Just tell me to go sit. 
- Okay. Go back to your place now.

                 Zayn's pov

I was with my friend, Mark, at the park. The one who laughed of me and Destiny. He was talking about her right now...
- She's gorgeous...
- You laughed of her ! Why ?! You should've said that before !
- I didnt want to hurt her... I just didn't want you and her to become... More than friends. 
- Are you serious dude ?!
- Yeah. 
- Do you really think she'll like you after that ?! 
-  Why not, I'm sexy. 
- And you're stupid. 
- But you admitted I'm sexy. 
- I didn't say that.... I have to go... Bye.
I left to go at my house, and wait to see her walk in the street. Something was better than yesterday, so why not hoping for even better ? 
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