Do you feel the same way?

Jessy had been abused by her father. When she finally gets the chance to escape,she runs into her car. But is it really her car she ran into? No,it was Zayn Maliks car. He could tell by her face thats she needed help so he drives off. Soon enough they become bestfriends. But will it last? Do they want to be more than friends? And does Jessys father,Paul, come and mess everything up for them?

Hope you guys like it!! I wrote it to try to win a contest to meet One Direction.
Comment what you guys think because this is my first movella! :)


3. Zayny?


Todays the day"" i yelled as i was jumping on the boys beds. They were going to help me with everything thats going to happen today. Jessy was coming over in one hour so i only have that much time to set up.


Shes hereee"" i yelled . Jessyy!!,"'. Zaynn""" ! "I have a suprise for you". " Yeah"?
"First happy valentines day" she smilied . " and suprise" . She was so amazed. She was in awe and her cheeks went rosey red. "Ohmygosh zayn!!! You didnt have to do this for me!" She said.
"Yes i did! I know we only met but the first time i saw you i couldnt keep my eyes off you" she smiled and her cheeks were pure red. I leaned in for a kiss but before i could the doorbell rang. "Uhg" she giggled when i said that. I opended the door. "Sarah??" "ZAYNYY"


"Zayny" ? I whispered. She went in for a hug but zayn stopped her. Good. "Whats wrong zayn?!" She said. "Uhh i have a girlfriend now and what we had before its over now" " fine be like that zayn uh ". Zayn closed the door and walked up to me in sadness. "Im sorry i didnt know she would come" I couldnt help my self anymore. I smiles and laughed like crazy. "What?" Zayn asked
" did you see her when she left? Her skirt was up in the back and she is such a drama queen hah" zayn started laughing to.


we were watching a movie. "Zayn, did u really mean what you said before?" "Yeah of couse i did why? " because no one has ever said that to me before and well i dont know im just not used to it." "Well i did jessy and always will". He leaned down to kiss me. It was a passionate kiss this time.. And i liked it.

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