Do you feel the same way?

Jessy had been abused by her father. When she finally gets the chance to escape,she runs into her car. But is it really her car she ran into? No,it was Zayn Maliks car. He could tell by her face thats she needed help so he drives off. Soon enough they become bestfriends. But will it last? Do they want to be more than friends? And does Jessys father,Paul, come and mess everything up for them?

Hope you guys like it!! I wrote it to try to win a contest to meet One Direction.
Comment what you guys think because this is my first movella! :)


4. Why us?

"WAKKEEEEE UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zayn said jumping on top of me.
"Whoaaa someones in a good mood" i smiled back and slightly kissed him. "Call up the boys and ask them if they want to come to the carnival with us". "Okay zayn said. "Hey zayn, i was wondering if we were a real couple?" "Well if you want to be i know i do" he smirked and kissed me with lots of passion. "Definetly"" we both smilied.


"No eleanor!! I just cant do this anymore" " louis im sorrryy!!! I didnt mean to!! Come one please not the day after valentines!! Her eyes were red and puffy. She kissed another guy. I just need some time. "Im sorry to" i said. I watched her as she walked out the door. Why my life? Why the girl i loved. The girl who i wanted to be with forever. Just why?

I noticed it started to pour outside. Before me and El had this fight, i was thinking of proposing to her....i still want to... So i grabbed my keys,and ran out the door to the car not caring about how wet or cold i am and drove to El's house. I knocked on the door. 5 times. Then she answered. I ran up to her and kissed her. "Im sorry babe" she said. "I am to". So i took her outside. And i proposed. She was shocked. "Eleanor Jane Calder will you marry me?" "YES !!!!!! A MILLION TIMES YES!" I put the ring on her finger and carried her and kissed her with all my heart. "Now lets get you all dry" i smilied and we went inside,engaged.

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