Do you feel the same way?

Jessy had been abused by her father. When she finally gets the chance to escape,she runs into her car. But is it really her car she ran into? No,it was Zayn Maliks car. He could tell by her face thats she needed help so he drives off. Soon enough they become bestfriends. But will it last? Do they want to be more than friends? And does Jessys father,Paul, come and mess everything up for them?

Hope you guys like it!! I wrote it to try to win a contest to meet One Direction.
Comment what you guys think because this is my first movella! :)


2. Whats she doing here!?

" noo ahahahhaah " louis was being carried to the pool. "DROPP HIM" we all laughed as he went in. "MY HAIR YOUR ALL DEAD" we ran around Zayns loft and louis came and wet everybody with hugs. We all laughed and laughed. "Alright we gonna go off to bed see ya laters love birds" the boys all smirked and laughed. It was only me and zayn. We were watching the note book. "Hey jessy,i have a question." Shoot" " i like u alot. And i was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfirend?"" YES!! "" i said .. He pulled me into a light kiss and we both smilied. Its getting late " i said ""see you tomorrow? ". Definetly" byee ""


She walked out the door. Since tomorrow was valentines day, i wanted to suprise her with something big. I ordered for 30 birds to fly out on que, some music , and some fance food.
It was going to be the best night of her life!
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