Do you feel the same way?

Jessy had been abused by her father. When she finally gets the chance to escape,she runs into her car. But is it really her car she ran into? No,it was Zayn Maliks car. He could tell by her face thats she needed help so he drives off. Soon enough they become bestfriends. But will it last? Do they want to be more than friends? And does Jessys father,Paul, come and mess everything up for them?

Hope you guys like it!! I wrote it to try to win a contest to meet One Direction.
Comment what you guys think because this is my first movella! :)


1. Help


JESSY" my bastard of a father yelled. I ran downstairs to see what he wanted. " pack your things we are going" "NO!! " i yelled. I cant believe that i did that. I yelled to him. He got out his knife and pointed it to me chin. "Lets go. Now " . I ran to my room and cried. WAIT. i totally forgot! My mum before she died told me about her secret escape when she lived here to get her mind at ease. I ran to the wall,and took the broken piece out and crawled to the basement. I then opened the window and ran. I ran as fast as i could out of that hell of a place. I heard him yell my name and ""run outside. So i hid in a red van. He kept running to the other side. "Finally' i whispered to myself. Then i heard a voice. " erm exuse me but why are you in my van"? " Oh wow aha sorrry i was just running from my fa- " i caught my self . I shouldnt be talking about this with a stranger. " i mean i was playing hide-and-seek with my dad" . "Oh ok well im Zayn. Zayn Malik". His accent is amazing. It made me tingle a little bit to. "Jessy. Jessy Bark." "Well Jessy i better be off" . "Yeah me to" . Before i knew it he gave me his number and drove off. I liked him. Alot. I looked behind me and saw paul running towards me. I ran to the police station and paul followed. When we got in the police took him in. I sighed in relief. The police man wanted to ask me some questions. "Sure"
It took an hour before it was over. I walked home and called Zayn, but another man answered. "Hello? "Hi is this zayn"? "No but i will get him for you" ZAYYNN'' he yelled. Zayn came to the phone and said that his name was louis and we got to know eachother a bit. He is in a band named one direction and he has four mates in it to. Harry,liam,louis,niall and him. We talked for ages but then he said he had to go. " hey u want to come over tonite? I coukd send you the address,?" Sure that would be great"!! " good around 8 ? "" " Perfect" we both hung up and i screamed YAY IM GOINGG OVERR ZAYNN MALLIIKSS HOUSE , it was going to be the best night in my life!
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