When I Met Harry Styles

This is about a girl named Skye. She is bullied. But then one day she meets a man named Harry Styles. He seems to know about how badly she feels all the time and tries to help her. Will Harry be the missing cure Skye has been looking for?


2. The Day I've Been Waiting On

Today is February 1st. I am going to try to run away today. I have had it with George and I just want to run away from him, forever. I ran to my room after a huge slap across the face and went straight to my closet. I had already packed a suitcase just in case something like this ever happened. I grabbed the suitcase and shoved most of the rest of my belongings. Then I got to my picture. The only picture I had left of my mother. My beautiful mother. She looked so happy in this picture. But I couldn't find room in my suitcase to put it. So I took out three shirts and gently placed the picture on top of the other clothes. It fit perfectly. I zipped up my suitcase and looked around the room. Nothing was left. Oh wait. I almost forgot. I went to the pillow on the empty bed and grabbed the three hundred dollars I had been spending up for this day. I decide to check if George was home. I listened for any noise but there was none. So I left my room and started my way out. Just when I got downstairs George came in with a blonde lady. She was very ugly and looked flirty. He must have been drunk. He looked at me and asked where I was going. I said to the park. He told me "you are just like your mother. If only I killed you too". Wait. He killed my mother. I broke down and cried right there. Then I ran out headed to the train station. When I got there I sat on the bench and waited for the train. A minute later a boy came and sat next to me. He asked if I was okay. I looked at his beautiful green eyes and said no. The train showed up and he sat next to me when we went in. He aske what was wrong. "I am running away. I just found out that my father, stepfather killed mystery and not a drink driver. I get abused too much and I have just had enough. Why are you here?" He looked genuinely sorry for me. "I am looking for someone. Well I am looking for you"
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