When I Met Harry Styles

This is about a girl named Skye. She is bullied. But then one day she meets a man named Harry Styles. He seems to know about how badly she feels all the time and tries to help her. Will Harry be the missing cure Skye has been looking for?


3. The Beautiful Girl

Harry's point of view: I just wanted to get away from all this nonsense. Ever since X factor, I have been adored by so many people and I just want to take a break. I need to meet someone. Someone that will make me happy. I need someone to love. It's my birthday and I just want to find that girl that can help me with this problem. I went to the train station to board a train that I had no clue where it would take me. I would find a random girl and ask if she knew who I was. I want to start new with her. I don't want her to know me as "Harry Styles: Man of One Direction". I want he to know me as Harry Styles, just Harry Styles. When I get to the train station I see a gorgeous girl on a bench. She looks like she is crying. I am going to try to help make her feel better. I walk over to her and sit down. I ask her if she is okay. She looks at me and says no. She said it so sadly and truthfully that u just wanted to hug her. But I know she would not have liked that and I wouldn't be able to talk to her. So when the next train shows up, she gets on and I go in after her. I sit next to her an d ask her what is wrong. She tells me about how awful her life is and about her stepfather. I want to punch the man! He shouldn't have killed her mother. There was no reason to. She then asks why I am here. I think about it for a second. I stare at the beautiful girl next to me. She is who I want to be with. He is going to help me and I am going to her her. It was just meant to be. I tell her that it is because of her.
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