This is a Harry Styles fanfic. This story is a pg-13 story... Lol, it will be a little steamy once you read it. It's about a girl named Anna. She spots Harry Styles and decides to have a little fun. She "accidentally" bumped into him and acts like she's never heard of him. Will her mischievous tactics give her what she wants or will mr.Styles find out about her little game? Is this the turn of events that they both want? A nice girl that doesn't just like you for your fame and a boy who is I dunno HARRY FLIPPING STYLES!


18. Wiggle Out

Harry's POV

"Harry, may I have a word with you?" Asked her dad. "Yes, I'll be there in a sec." I answered. Ana was sleeping so I tried not to wake her, so I stood up carefully and walked towards Mr.Green. He motioned me to their back porch and when we stepped in he closed the door. "Now Harry, I understand you're my little girls boy uh friend. As you know I love my baby girl; and don't want her to get hurt." He said sternly.

I knew exactly where this was going. " I know that she likes you... You've got to understand that she's my baby and she's graduating tomorrow... She's growing up so fast." His eyes softened for a second he looked back at me and his strong look was back. "The point is, I don't want you hurting her. If she gets hurt, you better be ready. I won't hesitate to use my shotgun. If you really care about her... Just... Treat her right. That's all u ask for, I've always tried giving my baby girl all she needs. Just do me that favor." He finished. "Of course, mr. Green. I would never want to hurt her." I said. He nodded and walked back inside.

I saw that talk coming. I mean I understand. I love her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I could never imagine hurting her. Not today, not ever. That's why it's so hard leaving her. I know how much it hurts her. I see pain in her eyes when ever I bring it up. I would love for her to come with us... I mean I could ask her. That's why I wanted to give her my 'surprise'.

I followed close behind and went back to find an empty couch. Where'd Ana go? I walked to the kitchen to find Ana setting up the dinner table with her mom. "Can I help?" I asked Mrs. Green. She turned in surprise not knowing I was in the room and smiled "if you could grab the plates on the counter, that would be great."

There. All done. I walked towards Ana who's eyes were engraved on her phone. I slightly shifted her bumping her with my hip. "Hey!" She giggled. "What?! I didn't do anything!" I said sarcastically. I chuckled and kissed her cheek. She blushed and put down her phone. "C'mon children! Dinners ready!" Her dad yelled. I stopped Ana from going. I was behind her and I grabbed her hips and whispered "I love you." She giggled and wiggled out of my grip.

Authors note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

HEY GUYZZZ (: sorry I haven't been on. I've been really busy and sick :/ ill be updating every Sunday. (: hope you liked it, sorry it was short. Tell me what you think. Comment and vote (:

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