This is a Harry Styles fanfic. This story is a pg-13 story... Lol, it will be a little steamy once you read it. It's about a girl named Anna. She spots Harry Styles and decides to have a little fun. She "accidentally" bumped into him and acts like she's never heard of him. Will her mischievous tactics give her what she wants or will mr.Styles find out about her little game? Is this the turn of events that they both want? A nice girl that doesn't just like you for your fame and a boy who is I dunno HARRY FLIPPING STYLES!


13. This Bitch

Harry put his arm on my waste and walked towards the guys. Niall walked up to me an said "hi, I'm Niall Horan. I don't think we've been introduced properly." "I don't think we have and I'm Anna Green." I said with a sweet smile.

He motioned Zayn to come and he walked over quickly with an embarrassed look on his face. "Hi, I'm Zayn Malik." He smiled and I said "hey! I'm Anna Green! It's so nice to meet you both! How much time till the concert begins?" He grabbed his phone and looked at the time an said "in about 20 to 30 minutes." "Great, I get to get to know you guys!" I said with a smile. Harry took his hand off of my waist and we both sat down.

Then Taylor came and said "hey guys! Can I talk to you um... Anna is it?" "Yes it is." I said trying to say it as politely as I could. I walked up to her and she motioned me to a closed space. "Um I just wanted to warn yo-" I cut her off. "Hahha you trying to warn me, PALEASE! This is too funny!" I snapped. She turned bright red and said "look who does the nobody think she is! I'm Taylor Swift you're just someone who showed up when Harry was lonely! You are just another girl who he has a fling with him! I'm gonna take whats mine Just wait! I already have him tied around my finger! He's mine! I'm warning you now! BACK OFF!" She yelled. "Hahhaha I'm actually his GIRLFRIEND! OOOHHH IM SOOOOOO SCARED." I said sarcastically. I walked away and I've got to admit, it felt good!

I walked towards the guys and sat down next to Harry. I saw Taylor piercing her eyes at me. So, I grabbed Harry's arm and put my head on his shoulder. We sat their for a while; not saying anything. "So guys maybe, I should start." We all laughed and Liam looked at me and said "sorry. Go ahead!" "Um... Well I'm from Alpharetta, Georgia. I love food! I love frozen yogurt. My favorite animal is the zebra. I like most types of movies, but I like funny movies the best. I hate the movie Titanic. I don't like it because it seems so harsh and it makes me sad. After a while I would watch it so often i would fall asleep." I said. They all looked at me for a straight 10 seconds and I started to blush. Just then they burst out laughing. I don't know what they found funny... So of course I blushed more and started to giggle. Harry hugged me tightly and kissed my nose.

We shared a little more about ourselves and then I saw a big man that looked like the security walk over and said "it's time guys!" With his deep voice. He was wearing a black shirt that said SECURITY in white, I felt so stupid. I turned to Harry and he said "that's Paul." He walked me over to him and said "Paul this is Anna my girlfriend and this is Paul our body guard." Paul stretched out his hand and I shook it. He smiled and said "ladies follow me!" "HEY!!" They all screamed. Paul looked back at me and winked.

I looked ahead and I see the stage millions of girls screaming each and everyone if their names. I saw Taylor walk up to the stage and she gave me an evil stare. The guys walked up too. Paul motioned me to the front row that had a seat reserved for me. It was away from all the screaming girls which I guess was fine.

I saw Harry walking towards the stage and he winked at me. Taylor walked towards Harry and whispered something to him. I grew with anger! Harry started up the concert and said "hi guys I'm so happy to be back home! You guys are amazing! This is our friend Taylor Swift! She's going to be our guest tonight. We're going to start with What Makes You Beautiful! This song I dedicate to the most important girl to me in the world!" Taylor beamed in excitement. She probably thought he was talking about her. "Anna Green! I love you!" Harry shouted. I blew him a kiss and he winked. Taylor's face grew angry and looked at me with jealousy. In fact I did look better than her tonight! She was wearing loose sparkly pants and a black long sleeve button up shirt. With some black heels. Did Harry really just say he loved me? Was it just for the concert or was it for real? I snapped out of it and stared straight at Harry.

Taylor walked off the stage and the guys began to sing! They sounded amazing! They were like angels. I cant believe I just said that. Harry looked at me a few times and winked. He would get so into the songs! You could see how he poured his heart and soul into the music. Then I heard I Knew You Were Trouble by my best friend Tay Tay!

She walked onto the stage the guys walked off. She started to sing. She was REALLY good! Everyone cheered and then the boys walked back on stage and ended the show with Up All Night. They sang with Taylor and were Phenomenal. They all walked off stage and Paul motioned me up the stage and into the side hall of the.

I congratulated all of them and stopped at Taylor Harry gave me a 'be nice' stare. I held out my hand and said "you were amazing." As nicely as I could. She gave a forced smile and shook my hand saying "thank you."

AUTHORS NOTE: thank you guys for reading! I know I wasn't giving you great stories... Help me out and tell me what I could add or take away. Some thing I could do to make it better! I'll listen and try to fix the problem as best as I can. THANK YOU LOVLIESSS!!
You guys are amazayn!!
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