This is a Harry Styles fanfic. This story is a pg-13 story... Lol, it will be a little steamy once you read it. It's about a girl named Anna. She spots Harry Styles and decides to have a little fun. She "accidentally" bumped into him and acts like she's never heard of him. Will her mischievous tactics give her what she wants or will mr.Styles find out about her little game? Is this the turn of events that they both want? A nice girl that doesn't just like you for your fame and a boy who is I dunno HARRY FLIPPING STYLES!


5. My House?

It was already late and I knew that my awesome friend was still awake (Jordan) so I decided to text her. And I didn't get to describe her much, well she's really tall, she has blond wavy hair, she's in love with Liam and Niall, she's from Georgia like me, she's thin, REALLY pretty, and I just think she's amazing! Well I texted her and said "do you want to come over tomorrow? At 2 maybe?" "Sure, see ya tomorrow mello!!" She said. "KK bye!" I replied! She lived like 7 minutes away from me. So she'll be on time like always. Jordan an I are childhood friends. We've known each other since the fourth grade and now we were about to graduate together! I'm so happy that she's coming over and all that's happened to me.

I decided to go to bed. I walked slowly my queen sized bed and threw my self on. I put my head on my pillow and drifted off to mello land.

"Wake up!" I heard someone say! "But I am.... I'm.... Tired" I say turning around. I see Jordan with an annoyed look on her face. I check my phone and it was only 11:30. Why was she here? She always does this, she has a key to my house so she can legitimately could come any time she wanted. "I'm here because I don't have anything else to do so I'm bored... Can you please wake up melzers??!!!"she said. "Ok..." I said with a dreary voice. She grabbed on to my wrist and pulled me to the kitchen. "Eggs and bacon or waffles with bacon? Turkey bacon of course!" She said. "Umm... Bacon and waffles PLEASE!" I said all childish! "While you make breakfast ill go take a shower." I said. "PLEASE! I can smell you all the way over here! Hahaha I'm just kidding but GOO!" She exclaimed. I gave her a 'yes mother' look. I walked to my bathroom and took a shower. I walked out and picked up my dirty clothes. I walked over to the laundry saying "Yumm! That smells good!" "Go put on some clothes and thank you" she said. Jordan was seriously like another mom. I love her she's the best! I put my clothes in the laundry basket and walked to my purple room. I grabbed some gray flower leggings an a big Jack Wills hoodie and some black Toms. I put them on and I heard a buzz. It was my phone I leaped on my bead and read "hey Anna do you mind if I come over?
Harry xxx" Harry texted. "No come on over!" I replied. "Can I bring Liam along with me?" He asked. "Sure!" I said. "Can't wait! see you in a bittt , Harry xxx"he said. "k bye!" I replied. I ran to the kitchen and said "guess who's coming over?!!!
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