This is a Harry Styles fanfic. This story is a pg-13 story... Lol, it will be a little steamy once you read it. It's about a girl named Anna. She spots Harry Styles and decides to have a little fun. She "accidentally" bumped into him and acts like she's never heard of him. Will her mischievous tactics give her what she wants or will mr.Styles find out about her little game? Is this the turn of events that they both want? A nice girl that doesn't just like you for your fame and a boy who is I dunno HARRY FLIPPING STYLES!


2. Getting Home

We finally arrive at my flat and I turn at Harry and say "this is my flat." He turns and says "I'm glad I met you Ana, I hope we can be friends. We should hang out soon, give me a call." I smiled. "I'd love to hang out with you and it was also a pleasure to meat you mr. Styles." I said. We both said bye and shared a last smile. I walked into my flat looking back once to see Harry walking away. I closed the door and stared at him through the window. I turned back around when I could no longer see him. I ran to my room and let out a shriek, that I had been holding in since I first spoke to him. I looked around my room and looked at the posters and smiled. Just then my phone buzzed. It read 'hey, it's Harry. I just wanted to check to see if this was the right number,
Harry xxx'. I shrieked in happiness! HARRY FLIPPING STYLES JUST TEXTED ME!! I turned to my phone and texted back 'Hey it's Ana! You have the right number!' We texted back and forth for 1 hour and then he texted 'hey Ana it was a pleasure talking to you! Would you be interested in hanging out tomorrow at 6? I'll come pick you up, Harry xxx' I smiled and texted back saying 'I'd love to! Where are we going?' He replied with saying 'I can't tell you bye love see you tomorrow!, Harry xxx' I screamed and said 'Kk can't wait bye!' Harry just called me love!! I ran to my kitchen and ate some pasta. I ran back to my phone and called my best friend Jordan. She had blonde wavy hair and was like 2 inches taller than me. She picked up the phone and said "hey Ana!" I said "hey Dordan! You won't guess what happened or who I met right when you left the yogurt shop!" I told her what happens and she was ecstatic and freaking out! We were both hardcore One Direction fans! We hang up and I walked into my room and changed into my pj s. I laid down staring at the sealing. I couldn't believe all that happened in one day! I was so happy! I can't wait to see Harry. He's so adorable. His curly hair was the cutest thing! This is amazing! When I hung up with Jordan it was about 11:15, I looked at my phone and it was 12:35. The question still stands... Will I be able to pull this off?
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