This is a Harry Styles fanfic. This story is a pg-13 story... Lol, it will be a little steamy once you read it. It's about a girl named Anna. She spots Harry Styles and decides to have a little fun. She "accidentally" bumped into him and acts like she's never heard of him. Will her mischievous tactics give her what she wants or will mr.Styles find out about her little game? Is this the turn of events that they both want? A nice girl that doesn't just like you for your fame and a boy who is I dunno HARRY FLIPPING STYLES!


10. A Walk?

"I'm glad we're... Good friend." I said trying not to sound sad. He stopped and I said "why are we stopping?" I asked. "Come closer an ill tell you." He said. "Ok.." I said a bit uneasy. I walked closer but before I could get to him he grabbed my waste and pulled me closer and stared into my eyes and kissed me it was warm but hard. His lips pressed against mine with force and it felt like heaven. His lips were so perfectly intertwined with mine that the world just seemed to stope. I've never felt this before. Of course I've had my first kiss, but this was different it was like a firework it had so much spark. He stopped and gave me a small kiss on my nose. "You're beautiful you know that right?" He asked. "I wanted to wait for the right moment." FOR WHAT?!!! RIGHT MOMENT FOR WHAT??!!! SPILL IT!!
" I feel bored and can't stop thinking about you when we're not together. I miss those warm arms wrapped around me and those lips on mine. Annabel will you go out with me?" He asked. "Yes! Yes! You're amazing, you make me feel like I'm floating on air!" I answered. He grabbed my hand and we walked towards the car to find Jordan and Liam already in the car.

We walked towards it and tapped on the window so they could open it. They finally did and we got in the car. "Um you guys we're dating!" Harry said. "That's awesome!" Liam and Jordan said. We rode towards my flat and started to sing. We got their and our doors were opened by the amazing boys.

Harry grabbed my hand and walked me to my door we both turned to see Jordan and Liam being all cute and I said "Harry Edwards Styles I wanted to say thank yo..." I was stopped by the amazing Harry. His lips slowly pressed against mine and his tongue began to seep in he kissed me hard but passionately I never wanted it to end, but it did soon. Not by choice but because Liam yelled "STOP SNOGGING AND GET A ROOM!" We chuckled and Harry looked up at me and said "I know this is going to be hard because of our fans, I love them but sometimes they get a little out of hand and hurt the people I care about, I wanted to say that I'm here for you and that no matter what they say you're amazing beautiful and strong! They'll learn to like you because I know I do." "Thank you and I promise I won't let them get to me" I said he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead oh how I longed for those strong kisses he gave that made me fall, fall deep.

He walked away looking back a few times. He got into his car and me to my flat Jordan and I walked in waving goodbye to the guys and closed the door. "I'm Liam Payne and I like Jordan Taylor!" I mocked in a British accent. Jordan laughed an said "I'm Harry Styles and I like taking girls on strange walls to the middle of nowhere!" She mocked. We laughed an she went to her flat. This was and is amazing. He is so sweet and his smile and ugh his lips! They drive me nuts! He makes me so happy. I know I shouldn't be liking him this much. But I want to fall! He's special.

I stood up from the couch and took a shower and put on a sleeping gown and laid on my soft mattress that felt like a million cotton balls on my sore back.
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