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Twitter has been going crazy with 2 of the guys from 1D leaving to finish unfinished highschool courses. The boy are very upset and hope for the 2 to finish ASAP. One day Marisa a collage student is heading to the libray and doesn't expect to meet Liam Payne. Will they be friends? Will she meet the whole band? Will she find a bofriend! Read this fanfic!

(Couldn't give a awesome bio because i didn't want to spoil the 1st chapter)


32. Your Mad At Me?

When we were all done with dinner Gemma took me to her room to give me some of her spare pajamas. “These should be good” Gemma said handing over the pajamas as I thanked her. “Marisa can I ask you a question?” I nodded my head. “You and Harry is it serious?” I looked at my feet thinking. “Yes but no. We’ve liked each other for a long time then hit a ruff spot but were back hanging out again and its good. We’re not dating though” Gemma nodded her head “Do you think you will?” I shock my head “I’m not sure I like him and I’m pretty sure he likes me but he hasn’t really brought up dating. And if he did I don’t know if I would.” Gemma sat on her bed, “Why? Harry is really great around home, you actually like one of the first girls in a while he’s brought home.” I smiled “I know but just what happened before, and all his fans it may get hectic. Plus I don’t live down here.” Gemma nodded her head “We don’t have to get into whatever happened before but just so you know I can tell he really likes you and my mom and I do to!” I smiled, “Thanks.” We then headed to the basement.

                “Okay bathrooms upstairs to the right and extra blankets in the closet.” I thanked Gemma then she went upstairs. I quickly put on the pajamas and pulled out my phone letting Julia know where I was. I then heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Hello?” I heard Harry whisper. “Hi!” I replied. “Shhhh my mom’s asleep” I blushed “Woops” I whispered back. Harry then came over and sat on the bed. “Lonely?” he asked “Yes but I don’t want to get in trouble.” I replied. “Didn’t you hear me say my mom was asleep?” I nodded my head “Yes but Gemma.” Harry then smiled “10 bucks she’s already sleeping to.” I moved over and patted the bed for him. We just cuddled for a long time. “Harry, what happens after I leave?” Harry still with his arm wrapped around me replied “I don’t know I say we make the most of what we got right now.”

                “I know you say that but like do you like me the way I like you?” Harry laughed “You like me?” I growled “Harry this is serious I need to know.” Harry then turned me around and kissed me. “I like you more then you like me I know that. I like you enough to ask you to be my girlfriend, And if that is unclear I’m asking. I know we’ve just started talking again but its right agreed?” I just laid next to him. “I guess” Harry pulled my chin up so I was looking at him, “Marisa we need to put what happened behide us please.” I nodded my head. “So Marisa will you go out with me?” I looked in his eyes, “Of course” As soon as I said the words I was praying I made the right choice. Harry then started kissing me. More passionate than ever.

                “Harry” I said trying to pull him off my neck, “I can’t” Harry kept kissing me. “Yes you can” Harry said slowly taking his shirt off. All I could think about was Harry’s family coming, my dad finding out, sooner regretting this. Harry then started to take my shirt off, “I can’t Harry please” Harry then  stopped. “Agh” he grunted turning over. “Harry I’m sorry but just because I said I’d be your girlfriend didn’t mean I’d do this with you right away.” Harry remained the other way, “Whatever I have to go back up anyway” he said grabbing his shirt and getting out of bed. “Your mad at me?” I asked, “No I just shouldn’t be down here night” Harry said walking up the stairs. Wow now what? This night just got awkward.

                When I woke up I got changed in the clothes I wore yesterday. I smelt pancakes from downstairs so I got up. “Morning” I said to Anne entering the kitchen. “Good morning sleep well?” She asked. “Very well thanks! Gemma and Harry up yet?” She shook her head “Not yet mind waking them up for me?” She asked I nodded my head and made my way to Gemma’s room. “Gemma wake up! Breakfast is ready!” I told her nudging her. She got up right away and headed downstairs. I then made my way to Harry’s room.

                “Harry, your mom told me to wake you.” Harry slowly sat up. “Harry whatever happened last night can we just not think about it for today. I don’t want it being weird in front of you family.” Harry rubbed his eyes, “Yeah no problem I shouldn’t have been mad sorry.” I nodded my head not saying the words ‘I forgive you’ just yet. He shouldn’t have been mad for something I wasn’t ready for. I then helped him up and we made our way downstairs.

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