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Twitter has been going crazy with 2 of the guys from 1D leaving to finish unfinished highschool courses. The boy are very upset and hope for the 2 to finish ASAP. One day Marisa a collage student is heading to the libray and doesn't expect to meet Liam Payne. Will they be friends? Will she meet the whole band? Will she find a bofriend! Read this fanfic!

(Couldn't give a awesome bio because i didn't want to spoil the 1st chapter)


21. PARTY! Part1

              Hey! Again thanks for all the reads! So excited for next chapter! Sorry for on this one leaving a cliffhanger but that makes it fun! BTW i'm gonna add some of your names! Comment below your so far fav part of the fanfic and your name and u'll be in the story! Okay thanks you can read now:p



 When I woke up in the morning I took a shower to freshen myself up and brushed my hair in a headband and got dressed. When I went out Julia was waiting for me in the kitchen. I laughed at her twirling her finger with the cereal box beside her with a stern look. “So what all happened last night?” Julia asked. “We’ll as you know Harry and I went out and um we watched Pretty in Pink on the big screen and then sort of made out can you pass the cereal?” Julia stood up, “You and Harry made out! No way! Ah was he a good kisser? Did he make the first move or you? What lead up to it? Ah tell me everything!” I laughed and began.

                “That’s still so crazy!” Julia said to me after I was done the entire story. “Yeah I know!” Julia put on a thinking face “You think he’ll ask you to be his girlfriend?” I smiled “I hope so but who knows.” Julia agreed and we continued eating breakfast. “So what did you do when I was gone?” I asked Julia. “Um I was texting and skyping Perrie and Jade which was fun! I really like them! Then Liam came over.” I got super excited, “No way what happened?” She then continued. “I invited Liam over to talk and we decided what was going to happen with him and I. He chose Danielle over me so now we haven’t talked yet.” I felt bad for Julia yet I wasn’t surprised, Danielle and him looked in love. “Sorry to hear that” Julia nodded her head and we started to clean up breakfast.

                “So Niall texted me and asked if we wanted to go with him and Zayn to Nando’s his favorite place to eat.” Julia told me, “Sure!” I told her. “He also needs to tell us something important!” I nodded my head and went to put on makeup and grab my light varsity jacket. When Julia and I were ready the cab was already called and Julia and I hopped in. There were no cameras for once! When Julia and I arrived at the place we gave the driver money and headed in. There we saw Zayn and Niall at the far booth and we sat down with them.

                I decided to get a big burger for Lunch as did Julia. We talked with the boys for a long time having a good time! Then we brought up why they invited us. “Well Niall and I decided to throw a party! It’s going to be Friday night. Everyone will be there! Dress extra fancy” Niall interrupted Zayn “And sexy!” We laughed. “Anyway it’ll be really exciting and fun, here’s the address and we can send a limo for 8pm sharp.” Julia and I were super excited! And not just because we got to go shopping again for a new fancy, sexy dress!

Thursday After-noon

                After hours of shopping Julia and I both found perfect dresses! I ended up getting a tight gold fitted dress, That had small just covering the shoulders sleeves. Julia had a tight black dress that poofed out more at the end and had a pink belt on the waist line.  We were ready for Friday night!


                When Julia and I woke up we had the whole day planned. Eat, Nails, Clean up (showering etc.), Hair, Makeup, Dress, Limo. I ate grilled cheese for breakfast and painted my nails a pale yellow and one black one. After I was all cleaned up I dried my hair from the shower with Julia’s blow dryer and curled it. I was super excited for tonight! As I started putting on my makeup I yelled out to make sure Julia was on the same stage as me. She was just finishing straintening her hair. When I finished my makeup which I’ll admit Julia helped with I looked really… great. Looked great felt great and I was ready to go.

                Julia and I made our way downstairs and found the Limo. The press was the most we’ve seen our entire trip. We had questions being shouted out to us. “Are the boys in the limo? Where are you heading? Who’s dating who?” Julia and I just continued to walk until I realised the press should know a bit. Before I got in the limo I told them Julia and I’s names and how we are friends visiting then left. As we drove every street we turned on felt busier. Once we got on the street for the party it was FLOODED with flashes, cars and fans. Julia and I got out of the car and hurried into the building. Yes we we’re a bit early but with all the people there it was worth it. When we got in the venue it was huge! It was amazingly decorated and there were a ton of people! All the sudden as I looked near the stage my jaw dropped and my eyes filled with tears.

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