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Twitter has been going crazy with 2 of the guys from 1D leaving to finish unfinished highschool courses. The boy are very upset and hope for the 2 to finish ASAP. One day Marisa a collage student is heading to the libray and doesn't expect to meet Liam Payne. Will they be friends? Will she meet the whole band? Will she find a bofriend! Read this fanfic!

(Couldn't give a awesome bio because i didn't want to spoil the 1st chapter)


20. Lost Control.

When Julia and I woke up we woke up before the guys. Julia and I then decided to make eggs and toast for breakfast. The boys were STILL sleeping! So Julia and I decided to just do what we would a normal day. I grabbed my outfit for the day and went to shower. When I got out of the shower I threw my hair up in a ponytail and put on my regular makeup. My outfit today was relaxed; I had my dark jeans on and my MTMD collage hoodie on. I then woke the boys up for breakfast and Julia and I sat with them.

                “Thanks for letting us crash here” Niall said, the boys joined in. “Yeah Even though Harry… is Harry my sleep was quite well.” Louis said. “Shut up” Harry joined. We all laughed and they continued to eat. “So what are you girls doing today?” Harry asked me, “Oh nothing we’re going to go shopping for gifts and clothes today!” Harry smiled. “Fun if you want later tonight just me and you can hangout” I immediately got excited. I really missed hanging out with Harry the way we did. “Sure!” I said excited. When the boys were done they had to sneak out of the hotel without being seen, which they had lots of practise at! I grabbed my bag and money and off Julia and I went.

                When we got out the door I didn’t expect to have the press taking pictures of Julia and I! We’ve been with the guys not long and they already consider us news. We walked by everyone awkwardly and got in the cab. Our first stop was a cute store name that wasn’t recognisable. The minute I looked in the window I knew it was my spot! Julia and I started looking at the clothes right away. “Marisa?” I heard my name called, I turned around and say Perrie. “Perrie hi!” I turned around and gave her a hug. I remembered really liking her at Liam’s party. “This is Julia” I said pointing to Julia, “Yeah I remember! Hi! Perrie then gave Julia a hug. “So are you girls shopping?” Perrie asked. “Yeah we thought today was good!” Julia said, Perrie smiled “Your right! Jade and I know all the places with sales! I’ll introduce you to her!”

                “Girls this is Jade, She also a member of little mix!” We smiled and continued to talk. “Do you girls want to shop with us? We only been to 2 stores and we have 4 more planned!” Jade said. I looked at Julia who seemed up for it “Sure!” I said.

                We went with the girls to the 4 other stores which were perfect! I got a ton of new clothes that were all on sale! Julia was less shopping more hanging out with Jade and Perrie but that was good! When the girls dropped us off it was about 4:00pm which gave me enough time to get ready for Harry. I put on my new navy skinny jeans that were somewhat sparkly and my white sleeveless collared shirt. I then straitened my hair and re-did my makeup. I heard Harry knock I said goodbye to Julia and went to open the door. I was shocked to find someone different.

                “Hi I’m your car driver to take you to your destination.” The man said, “Um okay?” I said unsure “My names Tuck how about you?” I was still confused, “I’m Marisa.” We then walked downstairs where a red… Yes I did say red limo was waiting! “This is awesome!” I said, Tuck laughed. Tuck then opened the door for me and I got in. The limo was huge! Especially for one person! I wondered where I was being taken! Tuck then put on the best music station with the best music and I dance and sang as we were driving. When we got to the place in the middle of nowhere I got out and saw Harry waving as a big screen was projected on a building wall. I ran over.

                “This is incredible!” I told Harry, He laughed “I thought you would think so right after you saw the red limo! I agreed. “So what’s all this?” I asked as we were walking to the big screen. “Just our movie date, Pretty in pink, one of your favorites!” I was speechless. “This is really amazing! Thank you!” I then leaned over and gave Harry a kiss. “Wow this is a great way to start a date!” I laughed and we went to the couch directing the building and sat down. We watch the movie and it was a really good date! For sure the best I’ve ever been on!

                Harry and I then got in the Limo to take me home. “Thank you again so much!” I told Harry. He smiled “No problem” at that moment the minute his eyes met mine I started falling for Harry. I all the sudden just lost it and grabbed Harry’s face and stared making out with him. With the music blaring I’m sure Tuck didn’t know what was going on. Our making out lead to laying on the couch in the limo just making out more. I didn’t do anything more though! When the limo arrived I gave Harry a last kiss and went in the hotel. As soon as I hit my hotel room and shut the door I was amazed by what just happened. Yup for sure the best date of my life!


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