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Twitter has been going crazy with 2 of the guys from 1D leaving to finish unfinished highschool courses. The boy are very upset and hope for the 2 to finish ASAP. One day Marisa a collage student is heading to the libray and doesn't expect to meet Liam Payne. Will they be friends? Will she meet the whole band? Will she find a bofriend! Read this fanfic!

(Couldn't give a awesome bio because i didn't want to spoil the 1st chapter)


11. Honest Time.

                I woke up to an annoying beeping. I suddenly realised it was the alarm clock and ran over to shut it off. “Harry! Harry!” I was using my loudest whisper, “You have to go down stairs before my mom wakes up! Harry got up quick and put his boxers on. “Oh my god Harry! You did not sleep naked! I said as cover my eyes, He laughed then kissed my forehead and tip toed down stairs. Eww I thought, better wash the sheets, or burn them! I tried to fall back asleep which didn’t work so I hopped into the shower and got ready for the day. It was about 9:00am when my mom woke up. She and I made the boys breakfast then they came upstairs. We all ate then headed to Frances to meet everyone. I made sure everyone packed Swimsuits and shorts for the trailer!

                When we arrived at Frances I saw how a lot happened over night! Frances and Niall seemed into each other, I knew I spent the night with Harry, Louis was glued to his phone and best friends Liam and Julia weren’t talking. We all gathered in two cars and headed to the trailer. When we arrived I introduced the guys to my Dad and grandparents from that side and proceeded to lunch. We all had Kraft dinner then got dressed for a day out on water! I got changed into my pink bikini than me and the girls went out. Frances, Julia and I went right away to the floaters and brought them in the cold lake water to lay on.  We laid in the sun, on the water and talked. “So Frances… What’s with you and Niall!” Julia asked. Frances laughed “Yeah we were texting all night and hanging out yesterday and now I like him!” We aww-ed her then keep laying down. “Julia what’s with you and Liam you weren’t talking?” Julia looked at us in a very bad way. “You can’t tell ANYONE! I shouldn’t even be but last night Liam and I hung out like all night and it was nice! And one thing lead to another and we kind of um” I looked at Julia “Kissed?” she shook her head. “Liam and I had sex…” Frances and I’s jaw dropped! “He has a girlfriend!” Frances said. “I know it’s terrible what happened but I don’t know what’s going too happened. I shouldn’t have let it happen I know that now!” Me and Frances were shocked. “Okay honest time” Frances said, “I made out with Niall yesterday” I almost swallowed my tongue! I was so freaked out about all of this. The girls then looked at me to say something. I sighed “Harry and I shared my bed, and when he got up to go down stairs in the morning he wasn’t wearing anything… But we didn’t do anything I swear! We were all silent till Frances made a comment, “We’re going to be the worst role models for our future kids!" We all laughed because we knew it was true.

                The boys then showed up to the water. We all swam together and were jumping off the dock. Julia was talking to Liam which I’m sure she’ll tell me about later and Frances was currently getting pushed off the dock by Niall.  I was just floating in the water until I felt a hand on my leg that totally freaked me out! “Louis! Holy shit you scared me!” Louis laughed. “Okay we need to talk, I know what I did was wrong lying and such but you have to believe me I am truly sorry. When I saw your tear fall, right then I knew I made a big mistake. Forgive me?” I looked at him, he was being sincere. “I forgive you but you’re going to have to talk to Eleanor and make sure she doesn’t hate me.” Louis smiled “Thanks and yeah she’s not mad because I told her the truth, I know I screwed up and let her know that and she somewhat forgives me.” I smiled “We’ll good hopefully it works out with you two.” Louis smiled “I hope so! Come on let’s go jump off the dock!

                When we were done swimming it was time for supper, we ate outside on the picnic tables and enjoyed are last time with Frances. It was bitter sweet. When it was time to load the Van with the boys, Me and Julia all gave big hugs to Frances.  I saw Niall sneak a kiss which luckily none of the boys noticed. I ran and gave my family hugs then jumped in the car. Unfortunately we didn’t have family seats it was only pair seats so Liam was sitting alone. I sat with Harry and planned a quick trip of sleeping. Once the train started going Harry interlocked his fingers in mine.

                “What’s going to go on when we get back to your place?” he asked. “We’ll I have a week left of school so when I get home I’m getting ready for tomorrow and going to bed. But after that week its summer and I don’t have plans yet!” Harry smiled “You and Julia should come to London for the summer, I’m being serious Liam’s coming back so you guys should to.” I took a minute to think about it, I do like Harry and I would love to visit London, but with everything with Julia and Liam and with the boys being major popular in London who knows what could happen! “I’d love to but not right away and not the whole summer. Julia and I haven’t had a whole week alone to hangout, shop and just be the best friends we are and I also need to spend time with my family before school starts up again.” Harry put on a thinking face, “Fine how about you stay a week here with Julia, I’ll get my private plane to bring you to London then you can stay for 4 weeks then back to your family for the remaining 2.” I smiled “I’ll talk to Julia” I then laid my head on Harry’s shoulder closed my eyes and kept my hand in his for the rest of the trip.

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