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Twitter has been going crazy with 2 of the guys from 1D leaving to finish unfinished highschool courses. The boy are very upset and hope for the 2 to finish ASAP. One day Marisa a collage student is heading to the libray and doesn't expect to meet Liam Payne. Will they be friends? Will she meet the whole band? Will she find a bofriend! Read this fanfic!

(Couldn't give a awesome bio because i didn't want to spoil the 1st chapter)


18. Dress Up!

                “Ready?” Harry says holding out his hand, “Don’t worry no one’s around.” I took his hand and walked up to the house. “Mum we’re home!” Harry called out followed by Louis’ “Anne! I’m here”. When Harry’s mom ran over he detached our hands and gave her a huge hug. “Mum this is Julia and Marisa the girls I told you about” She smiled, “Hi girls I’m Harry’s mum Anne.” I smiled at her “Nice to meet you! I love your home.” She thanked me then invited me and the boys in the living room. I sat beside Zayn and as usual he was still quiet but I didn’t mind.

                “So how do you like London?” Anne asked, “It’s really different but exciting!” I really liked Anne! Harry was super sweet with her as well! After talking with her for a while we all went in the kitchen for dinner. Dinner was nice I sat with Niall who was constantly asking for more food! Harry’s stepdad was nice to! He showed up halfway through dinner but still joined us.

                After the dinner everyone went in the backyard the weather was beautiful! After a while when I went to help clean up Harry pulled me away and showed me a tour of the whole house. We checked out the basement, his old room and just hung out.

“I’m really happy you’re here! I hope you had fun today” I smiled “I did it was really fun! I loved going to the school!” Harry smiled “I figured you would” Harry then started to lean in as did I, “Wait! What have you told your mom?” I asked Harry. “I haven’t told her anything yet put I am tonight. I’ll let her know how I like you and see her input and it will all work out. I’ll do it when everyone’s gone through.” I agreed and we remained in his room for a bit longer just hanging out.

                When it was time to go everyone was going their separate ways. It wasn’t a terrible drive back I slept most of the time. Louis was the one driving Julia and I back. Once we arrived at home we thanked Louis and said our goodbyes. “Girls remember tomorrow we’re going out for dinner somewhere fancy so dress up! Eleanor and Danielle will be there to! Perrie would but she’s busy with little mix business and we don’t want it to look like you girls are with Harry and Niall. Which it still might but oh well.” Wow Louis could talk! When he said Danielle I saw Julia’s head drop. I felt bad for her but hopefully Liam will straighten things up soon!

                When we got in the hotel we saw photographer taking shots of the place. We put our hoods on and hurried to our room. Julia and I talked for a long time until we decided to go to bed. As I laid in bed I thought of what I would wear to dinner. Not a sun dress but not an awards show type dress. I decided I was going to wear my navy dress that had beading on the chest then flowed out knee high. I then thought of how I would do my makeup and hair then eventually became tired and fell asleep.

When I woke up I by accident slept in. Where I’m from it would be 8:00am but in England it was noon! I got myself out of bed and woke Julia up. I then took a shower so my hair would be dry by the time dinner comes. I like air drying my hair rather than blow drying it. When I got out of the shower I put on a very nice white robe that came with the hotel room and gave the washroom to Julia so she could get all showed up. While she was showering I simply re-did my nails and laid out my dress and make-up.

When Julia was done in the shower I helped her pick out a dress and continued to let my hair dry. We ended up picking out a halter strap tight black dress that ruffled out at the end, knee high. One the outfit was put together we started doing our hair. Julia needed to blow dry hers but luckily mine fully air dried.  We did our hair; hers strait mine in curls and then did our makeup. Instead of eye shadow to match my dress I just went with light white and added mascara, foundation and the rest of the makeup clan.  After our makeup was done and our dresses were on we were ready for the boys to pick us up.

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