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Twitter has been going crazy with 2 of the guys from 1D leaving to finish unfinished highschool courses. The boy are very upset and hope for the 2 to finish ASAP. One day Marisa a collage student is heading to the libray and doesn't expect to meet Liam Payne. Will they be friends? Will she meet the whole band? Will she find a bofriend! Read this fanfic!

(Couldn't give a awesome bio because i didn't want to spoil the 1st chapter)


19. Dinner.

Just one for this morning going to get more up today though! Thank you for all the reads and favorites!




When we got down stairs the press were there along with a limo, Niall came out in his nice dress shirt and red tie and lead us though the crowd to the limo. I’ll admit Niall did look very, VERY good but Frances last time I checked had a thing for him plus I like Harry.

When we got in the limo, which was HUGE! We took our seats. The vibe was very… Awkward. Niall being the last one in and Julia being before me made her have to sit beside Danielle, Who was currently holding hands with Liam. Eleanor wasn’t looking in my direction probably because of the thing that happened with me and Louis way back when. We all sat quietly until Zayn let us all know where we were going and what kind of food was there. When we arrived at the place Harry put his hand on my back guiding me to the door of the restaurant. When we got in there the place was dead, the boys had the restaurant closed down for the day.

“Wow talk about privacy” I said to Zayn. He gave me a quick smile then we all sat down. I sat beside Harry and Zayn. The menu’s were brought to us and there was nothing but expensive delicious food. I looked though the menu as I saw Danielle and Eleanor talking about getting the salad. I looked on the menu and thought to myself I’m not giving up perfectly cooked steak for salad. When the waitress came back we all ordered our drinks and food then continued talking.

“So you girls go to school?” Eleanor asked. “Um yes but not right now because were on break. Julia’s done officially after the month after break though” Julia smiled “So how long are you staying after your break?” Danielle asked. “A good 9 months then I’m free!” The girls laughed. Maybe I shouldn’t have thought they hated us right away! I could really see myself being friends with them! I then turned to Harry and talked to him for a while. When the waiters came with our food it looked amazing! It didn’t take me long to dig in.

We had lots of fun at dinner, everyone! Well almost everyone Julia was pretty distant the whole night but other than that it was fun. We dropped off Eleanor and Danielle first then went back to the hotel. Harry, Louis and Niall all came up with us to hang out for the remainder of the night. When we got in the room the guys were un-buttoning their shirts to be more comfy and Julia and I got changed to our pajamas. We decided to make popcorn and relax in the living room. We all played card games for a while until Niall feel asleep. All the guys were quite tired so we decided the hangout would be a sleepover.

The boys moved Niall into Julia’s room on the pull out couch. We then all sat down again and planned where Harry and Louis would stay. We decided unless one of them wanted a bad couch we decided Louis and Harry would take my bed and I would take the pull out couch in my room. The boys got down to their boxers and headed to bed as Julia and I stayed up and talked.

“Is this kind of weird?” I asked Julia, “I don’t know it’s kind of just like when we had them in our house’s your birthday weekend just there’s no parents.” I agreed and we continued to talk. “So did you have fun tonight?” I asked Julia. “I did at the end of the night like right now but not at all in the restaurant… I don’t like those 2 girls at all.” I gave her a ‘Really’ look, “You just met them as people to hang out with and I thought they were nice. Why else would they ask about school and our lives and make conversation with us if they were mean” Julia smirked “They’re probably just seeing how long it will take us to leave and be busy so we can’t see the guys.” I disagreed then we ended that conversation. “So what do you want to do tomorrow?” I asked Julia. “I don’t know we could shop for items for our family so we can cross that off the list.” I agreed then we went to bed.




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