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Twitter has been going crazy with 2 of the guys from 1D leaving to finish unfinished highschool courses. The boy are very upset and hope for the 2 to finish ASAP. One day Marisa a collage student is heading to the libray and doesn't expect to meet Liam Payne. Will they be friends? Will she meet the whole band? Will she find a bofriend! Read this fanfic!

(Couldn't give a awesome bio because i didn't want to spoil the 1st chapter)


4. Can I have Your Number?

              I didn't really like my past chapter but i have a feeling the story will get much better now since i planned it out better:) thank you for the reads and likes and favorites! You guys rock!



  When Julia and I got home that night we went straight to bed and agreed to talk tomorrow. When I woke up I realized I slept with makeup on so when I looked in the mirror I frightened myself. I looked like an old beat-up raccoon. I washed my face then went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Julia woke up slightly afterwards and helped me finish the pancakes. After we ate we sat down in the mini living room and began talking.

                “So what did you think about last night?” Julia asked. “It was okay, if I knew more people I’m sure it would have been more fun. You looked like you had fun.” Julia Smiled, “Ya I had fun Liam and the boys are super nice.” I looked at Julia and knew she must have a crush on Liam. “I was talking to Liam’s girlfriend, she’s nice.” Julia looked confused, “Girlfriend?” I laughed. “Ya the girl he was dancing with other than you.” Julia was surprised “I thought that was just his friend, He didn’t really introduce me to her.” I told her not to worry as she did to me when I told her about Harry and Louis. After we talked I headed out to the library.

                When I got to the Library Liam was waiting there. “Nice to see you Marisa, I wanted to chat” he said smiling, I still got nervous though. “What about?” I questioned “about last night.” Oh boy he knows what Niall and I talked about. “Let’s sit down” I said as gesturing to the table. “Really wow your letting me sit at your table? I’m surprised.” I ignored his comment and sat. “So Niall told me how you two talked, no worries you’re not the only reason I’m staying here, one of them but not the only” I felt faltered.  

                “so continue” I said intrigued. “Right we’ll I’m going to talk to Harry and Louis soon but I don’t want you feeling uncomfortable if we all hangout again. I really think we could be good friends so I don’t want them screwing it up. I have a biology test tomorrow though so I have to go bye” Liam then left and I started my homework.

                “Mind if I sit here?” I looked up and it was Adam, I smiled but in a way I know was too happy. “Of course!” he then sat down and asked me about my week. “It was really good thanks!” he then started working on what I think was some sort of law assignment. After about an hour he started talking again. “So I think I should know more about you so want to ask each other questions?” I looked at my homework progress “umm sure” I said happily. “Okay um ill ask 3 questions then you” I agreed and waited for him to speak.

                “Okay, favorite coffee? Family members? And three, Have a boyfriend?” I smiled then answered. “Favorite coffee, Is I always order a café mocha but it has to be from Starbucks! I have 2 sisters, Kelly who’s older than me and a younger sister Alexa, and my mom and dad.” I wasn’t going to tell him yet my parents were divorced. “and your last question ya I’m single. My turn! Um favorite candy? Favorite song? And 1 confession?” he smiled and sat up. “My favorite candy’s sour patch kids or cherry blasters” I stopped him “Oh my god me to!” he laughed then continued. “My favorite song is, don’t tell anyone but Kiss Goodnight by Tyler Shaw. And my confession is I’m a decent singer.” I loved all his answers! “Now I get one more” he said, “Can I have your cell phone number?”

                When I got home I was shocked to see Liam in my apartment hanging out with Julia in our living room! I was planning on telling Julia all about giving this Adam guy my number but I guess it had to wait. “Hey Marisa!” Liam greeted me. “Hi” I replied back. “I came over to invite you guys out tomorrow on a boat me and the lads have. Just a day of relaxing” I didn’t know what to think but I decided to tell Liam yes and not be weird about it. I knew when he said ‘the lads’ that meant all of the one direction guys would be there, including Harry and Louis. I hope they won’t decide to hate me and ignore me the whole time or worse throw me of the boat in the middle of sea. Ugh I’m over thinking it, tomorrow will be fun!

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