Skyrim: The life of a Dovahkiin

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is an open-world RPG with an amazing story. I am here to tell you that story; the story of my Dovahkiin.
It contains spoilers, so if you haven't played the game and you do intent to, don't read this. If you have played the game through, or not going to play it at all and don't care about spoilers, do enjoy my story.


6. A cave

“Let's see where this goes.” Ralof said and pulled the lever and the bridge quickly lowered.

As they both had passed over the bridge, the dragon up above roared and the entire cave shook, which caused it to cave down onto the bridge and closing the entrance.

“No going back that way now.” Ralof said and Cordelia rolled her eyes at his remark. “We'd better push on. The rest of them will have to find another way out.”

They had to follow where the water came from as far as they could. The water was ice-cold to walk in and Cordelia did her best not to let her steps linger. By the end of the stream, a rock wall stood tall, and there was no way they could crawl underneath it.

“Hmm... that doesn't go anywhere. I guess we'd better try this way.” He pointed at an opening next to them, which they then followed.

It led them to a room filled with cobweb and large spider eggs.

“Ugh spiders. We don't see much of them in Cyrodiil, but we do have them.” Cordelia said and tried to avoid the webs, but they had caught the spiders attention.

They were quickly killed, although still rather disgusting to kill, the sound of their bodies crunching and the slimy feeling of the blood.

“I hate those damn things. Too many eyes, you know?” Ralof said and tried to smear off the blood.

After walking further into the cave, Ralof reached out to stop Cordelia.


“Ssh... There's a bear just ahead. See her?” He pointed forward and Cordelia noticed the sleeping beauty.

“I'd rather not tangle with her right now. Let's try to sneak by. Just take it nice and slow, and watch where you step.”

They managed to sneak easily past her. When they then came to a bunch of chewed bones scattered across the floor and one of Cordelia's steps landed on one and crushed a bone and the bear reacted right away.

“Run!” Ralof shouted and pulled her with him, even though they both knew they could easily kill the bear, they didn't have the stamina to do it.

A faint shimmer of daylight came across further ahead of the tunnel they ran through.

“That looks like the way out! I knew we'd make it!” Ralof burst out with an exhausted breath.

“Take it easy now. We're not there just yet.” Cordelia said and looked back at the bear, that were nearing them dangerously quickly and at last she couldn't take it anymore.

“Wait Cordelia, what are you doing?!” Ralof yelled at her to come back, but she didn't obey.

Her courage didn't leave her as she charged against the bear with such a tiny weapon compared to its claws. She could feel the claws trying to dig through the armor she wore, but it didn't get far before her blade cut its way through the monsters skin.

With a painful roar, it stood on two legs and hit her forcefully, which send her flying into a wall of the cave.


She felt the rock of the cave cut holes in her skin through the leather and chainmail of the armor she wore. She reached out for a healing potion, when the bear then stood and brawled above her.

Quickly two arrows got impaled into its thick skull and its attention was then on Ralof.

Slowly, Cordelia got back on her legs and everything swayed for her eyes and her balance weren't the best after the toss, but she couldn't just let Ralof get torn apart by the bear.

With unsure legs, she jumped and landed on the back of the bear, where she grabbed hard around a big tuft of hair and tried to put her sword against its throat. As it tried to shake her off, an unfamiliar pain shot through her sides and she had difficulty moving the arm to the throat of the bear.

Ralof weren't slow to see that she needed help and with two quick moves, a couple of arrows killed the bear and as it fell hard to the ground, Cordelia rolled off and gave smaller grunts in pain.

“Take it easy. You were greatly injured when the bear tossed you away, you have to take more care!” He helped her up, but she didn't appear grateful for his help.

“I can take care of myself!” She shouted and as her echo died out, they stood in silence.

“I-I'm sorry. I just have a very bad day.” She put quite the emphasis on “very”.

“I understand... You'll have to find a healer, but we have to move on.” Ralof said and let her support herself against him, as they walked out from the cave and out to the snowy area.

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