Baby I Loved You First

A girl who fell in love with Louis Tomlinson before anybody else did. What happens if Louis ever gets skyrocketed to fame? Or if she moves to a new school with new opurtunity? Will their love go on forever? Or will it stop because of the twists and turns of events?


3. Next Day...First...

Nina's POV

I walked in to school and approached my two best friend Franz and Marie

"Hey guys whats up?" I said coolly

"you talked to Louis Tomlinson. You talked to Louis Tomlinson. To fudging talked to Louis Tomlinson!" Franz said practically yelling at me

"and you didnt tell us?!?' Marie said

''Its not a big deal he just said that I have a good singing voice thats all. He probably forgot about me" I said surely

"He didnt forget about you. He actually handed us this letter this morning so that we could give it to you" Marie said handing the letter to me

"We didnt open it yet" Franz stated

I opened the leter it said "Hello Nina umm I was wondering if you wanted to have a date with me today after school at my house I just really really want to talk to you -Louis"

"Smooth with words Tomlinson" I said thinking aloud

"Its a date isnt it?" Marie said

I simply nodded

"well are you going?' Franz asked

"I guess I am" I answered

The day went on I wondered what would happen on our date will I be a complete disaster? or what? The suspense is taking the best of me. I couldn't answer in class I cant think straight I have to know what would happen will he like me? So many questions entering my head. 

We were walking to our next class when we heard an announcement

"Teachers and students we are announcing this day as suspended as all the teachers have to be in a meeting immediately so students please leave now thank you"

It was only 10:30am when we heard this. We all ran outside having early dismissal means I have a early date! Finally I can know what would happen on this date. My nervousness rushed in I dont know what it'll be like because its my first date.

"Good luck on your date Nina" They both said

"yup I'll need it" I said

I was walking home. Thinking what I was going to wear. When suddenly someone grabbed me by the hand. I turned to see who it was. To my surprise it was Louis!

"Hi!" I said happily

"Hey um you wanna go on our date earlier? like now?'' He asked

"sure" I replied

He smiled then he got my hand again then we ran and ran till we stopped at the park. 

"This seems reckless but fun" I said

"You look different today" Louis said

He grabbed my pony tail and let my hair fall on my shoulders. He got my glasses broke in the middle and threw it away

"you know you can see perfectly without them" He said

He got his handkercheif and his water bottle and poured water on a small side and wiped my face with it.

"Go natural you look prettier" He said making me blush

He looked at me for a few seconds then he said

"Perfect! I mean you look perfect!" He stated

We started walking through the park he held my hand as we walked and talked

"I bet you can make any girl blush" I said

"Yup I can" He said

"I guess you feel the same way with every girl dont you?' I said

We stopped as if he wanted to say something important to me

"No, To all the past girls yes, but to you your different. You make me feel like we're the only two people in the universe" He said

"Youre such a cheeseball!" I declared then we started walking again

We talked about school how popular he is. How he got himself together to ask me out.(Which I think was super cheesy) We told each other what we need to know our fovourite food and other important stuff couples need to know. I told him that my birthday was tomorrow on the twenty third of november and other random stuff. I sang different songs and acted like a crazy person just enjoying my life. He enjoyed the moment to. In short we acted like children. He got me an ice cream which was special for me. Then I asked

"Dont you feel ashamed that youre going out with the most neglected girl in school?"

"Nope Cuz' for me youre beautiful, smart and not causing so much drama like Chloe"

"Thanks that means so much for me" I said

I glanced on my watch its 4:00pm.

"We should better get home now its getting late'' I said

"Come on its only four" He said

"Well this is my first date and four o clock is late for me" I said

We walked to my house first when we were almost there he stopped.

"Before you go I want you to look like that tomorrow act crazy like today and remember that I love you okay?" he said

"Sure I promise." I stated

I kissed him on the lips and ran home I looked back he was doing happy dance

"Bye Nina! Dream about me tonight okay" He said

"Anything for you Bye Lou!" I yelled

Today beats the day when he talked to me. Yessss!!!

"My little sister has a boyfriend!" Dana said

"Shut up!" I said 

We both laughed. I ran to my bedroom jumped on my bed and thought of what would happen tomorrow on my birthday.

Louis' POV

Today was amazing. I have one huge problem...I dont know what to get her for her birthday I dont well I guess thats my homework for today I should better start thinking

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