Baby I Loved You First

A girl who fell in love with Louis Tomlinson before anybody else did. What happens if Louis ever gets skyrocketed to fame? Or if she moves to a new school with new opurtunity? Will their love go on forever? Or will it stop because of the twists and turns of events?


2. Love At First Sight

Louis' POV

I was going home when I heard a beautiful singing voice. It was amazing and I really wanted to hear more. That voice was coming from my tutor's backyard. I circled the house and found that girl singing. she looked familiar I think she's from my school. Who is she again? Natasha? Mina? Nana? I really want to know her name. There was only one way to know her name that was to ask her. I hoped over the fence. I walked closer and closer. I was right in front of her then she looked up. Her emerald eyes were shining like stars. Her hair fell perfectly on her shoulders.

"Hi" she said nervously

"Hey, I love your voice" I said

"Thanks" she stated

"Im Louis Tomlinson by the way" I said rather smoothly

"Im Nina Martin nice to see you'' 

''Umm so.." I said

"I should better go to bed its getting late" Nina said as she picked up her guitar and stood up

"Yeah, I'll see you in school...I guess" I said

She just turned back and smiled. Damn! why am I so shy around her. Im cool and smooth with other girls why cant I be myself around her. Am I in love? I cant be I just knew her now, but I really like her. I should talk to her more often or maybe even go to her house. Maybe even ask her out

These thoughts kept on going through my head. Should I approach her? Gosh I dont know this feeling? Am I genuinely in love?

The thoughts kept coming even when I was asleep all I could think about was her. I wonder if she feels the same way about me?

Nina's POV

I feel like Im in heaven. He talked to me! Louis Tomlinson talked to me! Back to reality thats only a one time thing I know that he'll never remember my name. He probably forgot all about me right now but I'll never forget this day. This day was one of the best days of my life!!!!!

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