Baby I Loved You First

A girl who fell in love with Louis Tomlinson before anybody else did. What happens if Louis ever gets skyrocketed to fame? Or if she moves to a new school with new opurtunity? Will their love go on forever? Or will it stop because of the twists and turns of events?


1. School

Nina's POV

"Hey guys!" I said as I met with my best friend Franz and Marie
"Hey!" They said in unison
"Did you study for the music test?" Marie asked

Marie is quiet tall, she has blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and a honour student in our class

"Yep, how about you Franz?" I asked
"Nope its all in here" she said as she pointed to her head

Franz has dark brown eyes, black hair and a easy going girl

"I dont even get why you two study" Franz said
"We study so that we can get stuff we want" Marie answered
"Louis Tomlinson at your twelve o clock" Franz said

I turned around I saw a hot looking guy. Tall, blue eyes, dark brown hair, funny, smart my dream guy but theres a catch he's the most popular guy in school.

Anyways he can never like me. Im Nina Martin the most nerdiest girl in school hair in a bun or ponytailed, glasses, green eyes, dark brown hair and always studies who would ever like me, Gosh who would ever even notice me?


"Come on lets go" I said going to our first class

The day was long and boring just like any other day. Recess, Lunch then finally dismissal. Today theres something different. The most popular girl Chloe is flirting with Louis Tomlinson. Infront of the whole school. It was so gross I almost had to barf. They finally finished their flirting session and I could have gone home.

I got home my sister Dana was tutoring...who else but Louis Tomlinson. I came home with Franz and Marie but to see my sister with him is envious I mean seriously

"You want me to get your guitar?" Franz offered
"Yes please" I said
"Sure" she said

She ran up to my room. Got the guitar and left.

"Oh how I wish I could be brave like you" Marie said
"Please all you have to do is practice" Franz stated

We talked about life in highschool. How hard it is. How my sister is so lucky to tutor Louis. How hot Louis is and other girls stuff until it was time for them to leave

"Bye guys!" I said
"Bye Nina!" They both said

I was in really bored... I went to the backyard. Started playing my guitar started singing along

"Today's gonna be the day where were gonna throw it back to you"
"By now you should've somehow realized what we gonna do cos'-"

I looked up and....
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