Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson had his summer love. This fall him and the boys have to attend a college because of new laws. His summer love is in every single class he's taking and is in the same dorm room. It's him,her and the boys. Talk about a crazy school year.


1. The Good Byes

A tear flowed down my cheek as I made my way to his house. The truck to pick him up was already their but I saw him on his front steps waiting...for me. I saw him and ran into his arms in a complete fit of sobs. He stroked my hair and told me everything was going to be fine. I didn't listen. I wet his shirt with my tears. He cupped my face with my hands and gave me a kiss. I was still crying. I guess it was a way to get me to calm down. He had a smile on his face."W-what's going on?" I asked sadly. "Nothing love! I'm just excited to show you your good bye present!" He said happily. "My present?" I didn't get to finish talking. He wrapped him arm around me and led me to his backyard. I was curious to know what this "present" was. He led me to his shed and opened it slowly. The rest of the boys were surrounding something. "Aw thanks Louis! Your present to me is the boys!" He shook his head and I giggled. The boys moved out of the way and I saw the cutest thing ever. It was a German Shepard. Less then a month old. I loved it so much. He also put a carrot bed in a little carrot house with everything carrot decorated. "I love it! What should we name him?" I asked. "I know!" He said. "Carrot!" We both said at the same time. I giggled and jumped in his arms. We fell to the ground and started laughing. Carrot came out of his bed and was on top of us. This was an amazing gift. "Thanks!" I said. He nodded his head in a "your welcome" way. I just remembered that they were leaving in a couple hours. "Guys.." I said slowly. Louis scooped me up bridal style and led me inside the house while Harry was fighting with Zayn on who carries Carrot inside. Harry won and took carrot while Zayn,Liam and Niall followed close behind. Louis plopped me on the couch and sat next to me.

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