Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson had his summer love. This fall him and the boys have to attend a college because of new laws. His summer love is in every single class he's taking and is in the same dorm room. It's him,her and the boys. Talk about a crazy school year.


2. The Good Byes part 2

Louis clicked on the T.V while me and the boys were plopped on the couch petting Carrot. We only have and hour to spend before he goes. I enjoyed this summer and wish I could click a rewind button and do it all over again. It's a long story on how we met but I was a fan. I'm still a fan. It just..happened. He pulled me aside on the street and told me a I was "beautiful." He did give me his number ,but I was to scared to call it. So I tweeted him a few times until he replyed. We met up and that's how everything got started. Now I get to call Louis Tomlinson my boyfriend. We all sat there in silence. I didn't want the boys to go. I love them ,there like brothers to me. I've never had a older brother and now I have 5. I shouldn't be here right now. I'm leaving too. He's going on tour and I'm going to school. The summer went so fast. I got off the couch and stepped on the front steps of Louis' flat. I look up and see it drizzling..snow? It's only September. I sat on the step and buried my face in my hands. Louis came out. He quietly spoke."Em please stop crying." I looked up and stood up facing him. He grabbed me and I stood there in his arms. Niall came out and said it was time. Liam came with Carrot and all of his things and put them in my car. We had one last group hug and they headed toward the car. I followed them and stood at the window. Louis rolled the window down and said "Oh, I almost forgot!" He pulled out a key on a key ring and handed it to me. He smiled and said "In case you miss me let yourself in my flat." I nodded and he rolled up the window. He kissed the glass jokingly and waved as they drove to the airport. I sighed and drove home with Carrot. I made it to my flat and saw the stuff in boxes. "Ready for college!" I mumbled angrily. I miss him already. I probably seem like a crazy girlfriend..but I'm not. How would you react if your boyfriend in a boy band had to go millions of miles away from you and hardly visit and go perform for millions of girls who pretend their last name is Tomlinson? Not alright I bet. I walked Carrot up to my room and we layed in bed while I stared at the ceiling. I dozed off eventually. I didn't cry myself to sleep. I'm not that girl.
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