Justin and I

A girl named Mackenzie fell in love with her bestfriend justin. But will her ex bestfriend get in the way, or will he not feel the same?


2. The best day

It was Wednesday 10 January. It was a sunny, morning and I got a text from Justin. I opened the text.

"Hey, Mackenzie? Meet me tonight at 8pm on the beach?xox"

I sort of started panicking, I didn't no what he was going to say to me. I replied worried and scared.

"Uh, yeah okay?Is it important?xox"

"Yeah Mackenzie! Kind of is;)xox"

Finally, home from school it was 4pm. I walked in my room threw my bag on my bed, took of my shoes and threw them in a corner to join the collection of my other shoes. I checked my laptop and phone. I had no new texts.

I decided to go into the shower, because I was meeting Justin and wanted to look nice. I was in the shower for 1:30minutes!! My mum would of killed me, but she wasn't in. She never is.

I got changed into a nice top and skinny jeans but my hair in a messy ponytail which I straightened. I walked down stairs to grab something to eat, I grabbed an apple and put in some chips to have.

Time flew by at it soon turned 8pm. I was sat in my room on the laptop when I heard my phone go off.


I closed down my laptop and grabbed it out of my pocket.

"Outside, Mackenzie. When your ready xox"

I smiled and looked out the window.

Running down the stairs I grabbed my shoes and some money from my side, put my phone in my pocket and walked outside.

Justin was outside like he said smiling at me with those beautiful brown eyes and georgeous hair.

"Hi justin!"
"Hey Mackenzie;)"

We walked down to the beach. It was romantic, the sun dimmed down and we took of our shoes and walked through the warm sand going through are toes. We sat down on a rock, look up at the stars and talked.

It was 9pm and we had been talking for a while so I asked him something that was bugging me.

"It's nice down here, but why are we here?you said it was important?"
I said it scared and worried I was worried he didn't want to be friends with me, geeky Mackenzie.

" I've known you for atleast a year now Mackenzie, your the most beautiful girl I no, you funny and I never want to lose you, so I was thinking how can I never lose her? I thought about it for ages, I was scared frightened about out friendship, but I have gained the confidence, I love you Mackenzie."

I had a huge smile on my face as he carried on.

"Will you be my girlfriend..."

OMG DID HE JUST SAY THAT? A lot was going through my mind. I was so happy he finally asked I was speechless. I gained the courageous to reply.

"Of course I will be your girlfriend Justin, I love you too!"

We both smiled and laughed.

We stood up and held hand stared into the sky and we kissed.

"I love you Mackenzie"
"I love you too justin"
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