Justin and I

A girl named Mackenzie fell in love with her bestfriend justin. But will her ex bestfriend get in the way, or will he not feel the same?


1. About us

Midnight walk with justin

"OI". That was the sound of squeaky Sara. She was exactly like the girls in the movie, mean girls, bleached blonde hair, popular boyfriend, skinny and of course the most popular girl in My school.

My name is Mackenzie, Sara( the mean girl) used to be my best friend back when we was little. We would go every where together, park, cinema, beach and town. We had matching Blonde hair and blue eyes everyone was jelous of us! We lived across the road from each other, we both had big houses mine was a cream colour hers was pink(Barbie mansion is what I call it now). But one day when we went to our secondary school we found new friends and moved on. We still would talk every Saturday when we both saw each other coming out of our houses in the car or bikes, we just wasn't BEST friends anymore.

"Watch were you re going geek!" Sara now hated me and everything about me, she bullied me called me geek,loser,tramp every name under the sun. She was Miss popular with 761710000 boys lining up for a date and I would just stand there with my friend justin.

Justin was the kindest guy I knew he was funny,confident and I would have to say "cute". He is the poplar boy, captain of the football team, girlfriends everyday, but he still wanted to spend time with me geeky Mackenzie.

I wore glasses, jeans, hoodies and vans. I hated showing of my body. But let's get back to me and justin.

Well I though justin was so cute and I love him a lot he never had said anything to me?but I said nothing to him, we were bestfriends and everyone said we went out. I wish. Justin came my house everyweekend and stayed over, yes he stayed in my house. My mum was never in and my dad died when I was 10. I was a lonely child.

On Friday after school justin would come mine. We would pick a movie and watch it. He mostly picked horror movies, but I didn't mind because then I get to cuddle him when I got scared;)

"Yes justin;)"
"You are so beautiful"
":) justin i love you ".

OMG did I just say that. I start panicking I'm sweating.

"Haha, I love to to Mackenzie"

Omg, phew he took it as a joke.
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