My Sisters Keeper

A heart warming story about two abandoned kids. And a beautiful lady who took them under her care. Niall has taken care of his baby sister for a long time and when he does leave her what happens?


4. Out with the old?


I woke up this morning, I yawned really loud, noticing that I woke up Winter, she punched my arm and rested her head on it. I get up, pulling Winter up with me. We walk into Emma's room and said hi. "you didn't have to stay here all this time" she weakly said." i know, but i wanted to" i smiled and kissed her head. "oh my god, i was so worried about you!" Winter screamed. I walked out of the room, and they talked for what it felt like hours. I walked into the room and announced, "I'm going home to have a shower and get some fresh clothes, Winter if you don't mind-", "ill look after Emma" she sarcastically said. "Thanks." i hugged both of them and walked out of the room, they giggled.

I walk into my room and smelt a familiar smell. I walked up the stairs to my room, light blue walls with elephants on them, and with my bed spread different shades of blue. It looks like a room of a 12 yr old. It reminded me of my dad, he worked at a zoo. I sit on my bed taking it all in. I walk into my en suite and had a shower, got dressed and brushed my teeth. I walked through the door and down the stairs and through the front door. i smell the fresh air and get into the car. I drove to the hospital, it takes about 20 minutes to get there. I walked into the familiar room with happy and sad memories. I see Emma on crutches! i walk behind her making sure she didn't fall. The doctor walked in and did some crutches stuff. and said she could go home. 


I was so happy that i could go! i hated Niall going to all this trouble. We were walking down a path to get to our car park when Mark pulled me to the side of a building. "i can't take the guilt anymore!" he whispers. "what are you talking about?" i ask at the same noise level as him. "i cheated on you with a girl the other night, but i was really drunk." HE USES THAT AS A EXCUSE. "if you can remember it, than you weren't drunk enough to not control it". I slapped him and said under my breath "dick" i went next to a tree, and fell and cried on the grass, making a scene probably. Mark ran up to me and said, "here i'll help you up" he said. "NO GET AWAY FROM ME!" i screamed. "no" he threatened.

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