My Sisters Keeper

A heart warming story about two abandoned kids. And a beautiful lady who took them under her care. Niall has taken care of his baby sister for a long time and when he does leave her what happens?


2. Hospital


I stumbled into the hospital, Louis holding onto my arm. Harry talked to the lady and we walked to her room, I thinking about the same thing, the night of my parents death and how this was almost a repeat. We walked into her room, she was lying still. Her boyfriend was sitting on a chair with his head in his hands. I look up at the doctor "what happened?". "your sister was riding in the car with her friend, and a dog ran on the road, her friend swerved off the road and the car flipped once and hit a tree" I looked at her. "how much is she hurt?" I asked. "she broke her right leg, and has minor bleeding on the brain. She could be in a coma for up to a week." he walked out of the room. I sat next to her on the bed and held her hand. The boys sat down. Sarah sat on the seat on the other side. I gave her a hug. "i know i shouldn't of let her go out with her friend but-" i cut her off."it wasn't your fault".


We sat there for about an hour, and we fell asleep in our seats. I woke up this morning and saw my beautiful baby sister just laying there still, her chocolate brown hair all over the place, her faint but usually tan skin and her crystal blue eyes. Mark her boyfriend was talking to her almost lifeless body. Liam was reading, and the rest sleeping peacefully. I see doctors rushing back and forth in the hall. I go down to get some coffee and see many people in wheel chairs and crutches. I order my coffee and think back, i take out my wallet and see a family picture, with my mum, light blonde hair that went down to her bum, and dad, dark brown hair messed up, a tear escaped my eye.


Zayn walked up beside me, i quickly brushed away the tear. "what you doing down here?" i ask. "just getting some coffee" he says pointing to the cafe. "oh" i say sounding depressed. "you okay mate" he asks. i show him the family photo. "oh sorry man" he says a bit awkward. "its okay, ill wait for you to get your coffee" i say. We walk back together, and i see everyone has woken up. "hay, me and the boys are heading over to KFC to get us some standard food, and sarah can you text me if anything happens?" she nods and we walked out the door with every ones orders.


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