My Sisters Keeper

A heart warming story about two abandoned kids. And a beautiful lady who took them under her care. Niall has taken care of his baby sister for a long time and when he does leave her what happens?


1. Flashbacks

"NIALL YOUR SISTERS IN HOSPITAL! SHE HAD A FATAL CAR ACCIDENT" Louis yelled from the top of the building. I felt weak at the knees and fell to the ground. The boys picked me up and took me to the car. flash backs came flooding back. 


I hear a man yelling at me, "wake up son" he said. i woke up and saw a police man standing there, nudging me. My sister holding onto his arm she would've only been about 6. The man sped over to the hospital me and my sister completely clueless to what was going on. We walked up to the bed my parents were laying there still. A man crouched over next me, "im sorry but your mum and dad were in a car accident and they didn't make it, they passed away" the man walked away slagging. Me and my sister cried, all through the night. In the next week the police men found a foster home for us. When they got home they abused us everyday, slapping my sister all the time. We managed to escape them and head on the road. We walked about 2 blocks away, i was only 8 so i was getting tired. We ended up falling asleep next to a rubbish bin.

We woke up the next morning Emma was complaining that she was hungry and thirsty. A nun walked out and looked at us hopelessly, i begged her for food and drink and she took us into her home. Her name was Sarah and she was and always will be my hero. She raised us as her own and we got to enjoy a normal childhood and education. Emma and I always respected her and barely misbehaved. One day Sarah heard me singing in the shower and said i should go on x-factor, i did it and when i got through home visits i gave Emma and Sarah a little present. I gave Emma a bracelet with yin and i had one with yang. I gave Sarah a locket with mine and Emmas pictures in it and it was engraved with 'My Sisters Keeper'...


I feel dizzy and drowsy. Liam started shaking my shoulders, "Niall are you ok?" he repeated. "yeah. im, im, fine" i stuttered.


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